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Each Cloud Solution is about data, and as its amount is growing rapidly, everyone needs fast, reliable and easy scalable storage solution.

One of the most comprehensive, proven yet fast-developing open source storage solutions is Ceph, which can be integrated with private and hybrid clouds and provides resilient and secure object and file storage.

Hystax expertise includes deep knowledge of Ceph architecture and best practices empowering our team to design and build solid Cloud Solutions with strong storage backend and provide the best services to our customers.

You can get the following professional services:

  • Design and architecture of a storage solution to address all your needs and expectations

  • Consulting in choosing best hardware that fits your solution

  • Deploy, configure and test a solution to be sure it meets all the expectations

  • Monitor and manage a solution for you

  • Train your Ops team to maintain and scale the solution

  • Solutions we develop scale responsively to load using Kubernetes

Advantages you will get:

  • Simple artifacts and clear deployment instructions

  • Solution which can be easily integrated, maintained, upgraded and scaled

  • Reduced deployment and maintenance expenses

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