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Building a product is a complex undertaking with variety of resources in different areas and thought to be in place for the whole product lifecycle. Different types of software solutions require diverse time and level of engagement for each of stages. Usually product development is considered as coding, testing and going to production.

Every expert in IT without any doubt would say that solution architecture is critical for future product success, IT people with strong background know at least a couple of examples when raw product architecture led to significant delays in project plan or even to a product failure due too huge gaps in design.

Hystax provides proven expertise and best-in-class professional attitude to every project. We can help your project have concrete from early in product lifecycle by providing solutions architecture in the following manner:

  • Our experts will work with you to understand every piece of your project

  • Work with your product management to identify the requirements and expectations

  • Work on preparing technical design and architecture of your solution

  • Presenting solution architecture and design to Executive and Development/QA teams to make sure every part has a clear understanding of all aspects

  • Implement Proof of Concept if required
  • Support Development and QA teams for a period of time to increase chances of success and mitigate risks of any delays in project plan

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