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OptScale is fully available as an open source solution under Apache 2.0 on GitHub
Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'
Case Study

Visionet achieved full cloud cost transparency with OptScale via a single dashboard and consolidated billing data from multiple cloud accounts

Executive Summary

As an MSP with 25+ years of experience in the field, Visionet has faced a lot of complexities on a daily basis managing complicated customers’ IT infrastructures on public clouds: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. To enhance its level of services, customer satisfaction and internal workflow processes Visionet has partnered with Hystax.

Hystax offers powerful cloud cost management, optimization and FinOps solution for MSPs and CSPs – OptScale. This collaboration helps Visionet cut cloud bills, optimize IT resource usage and increase efficiency of routine work with end customers.

About Visionet

Visionet, is a premier digital technology solutions company built on the premise of disruptive innovation across 14 global locations and serving 350+ customers. Thanks to its innovation-centric and engineering-first approach Visionet provides a wide range of implementation services for total client success. Primarily the company is focused on financial institutions, insurances and health care companies.

Main challenges

Providing a full set of IT solutions, Visionet works with several multi-cloud IT infrastructures. Each end customer, on average, has up to 8 accounts, sometimes from various public cloud providers. It leads to complicated consolidation of cloud costs and the bandwidth of IT resources for an exact organization. In these circumstances, analysis, forecast and optimization of cloud expenses is a tricky, time-consuming and sophisticated routine process.


Searching for the proper solution Visionet started using OptScale. It’s a SaaS platform that ensures implementation of FinOps best practices, offers convenient IT infrastructure and R&D process optimization not only for end public cloud users but also for MSPs or CSPs. Through a multi-tenant partner portal OptScale ensures the following features and advantages: 

  • An opportunity to link multiple AWS or Microsoft Azure accounts to one organization to get full IT resource usage transparency within a single dashboard
  • Accurate cloud expense forecasts for an exact account or a whole organization
  • Simple IT resource management and cloud cost consolidation on a single dashboard. No more need to login to multiple accounts.
  • Cost anomaly detection, instant alerts, customized AI-based optimization scenarios. 
  • Multi-tenancy and custom reporting, Microsoft Azure CSP support


After OptScale implementation all the IT resource loading and expenses are completely transparent and easily managed, vital IT infrastructure metrics over all end customers are available via a single convenient OptScale dashboard.

OptScale helped to identify underutilized IT resources among several accounts, highlighted other optimization opportunities and made customers’ IT infrastructures more manageable than ever before.  

Full cloud cost consolidation gives a total visibility of IT infrastructure performance, makes IT infrastructure management a simple and straightforward process, and enhances engineers with confidence in resource performance, consumption and optimization.

To run ML/AI or any type of workload with optimal performance and infrastructure cost with OptScale – a FinOps and MLOps open source platformcontact us today.

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