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Case Study

How Yandex.Cloud increased cloud adoption with Hystax Acura

Executive Summary

Hystax entered the CIS market with Hystax Acura and provided an opportunity to implement complex cloud migration and disaster recovery projects based on Yandex.Cloud. The successful partnership agreement was signed by Hystax and Yandex.Cloud.

The Goal

Yandex.Cloud, a leading cloud service provider in the CIS region aimed to increase cloud adoption by moving customers’ critical workloads to its data centers, and to provide value to customers by offering a simple, efficient live cloud migration solution.

The Challenge​

As a cloud service provider, Yandex.Cloud faced the following challenges in offering a universal, scalable solution for data storage:

  • Lack of internal expertise on the customers side to implement cloud migration projects
  • Time-consuming projects to migrate all IT infrastructure with networks setting, machine data, and metadata
  • A variety of source platforms: private or public cloud and bare metal
  • Cloud migration tools involve manual work and lead to human errors, continuous downtime and data loss

‘Hystax offered us reliable technology to automate and simplify cloud migration and disaster recovery projects, and eliminate all the integration challenges for our customers. This strategic partnership allows Yandex.Cloud to deliver business value faster, and to increase the rates of cloud adoption.’

Oleg Koverznev, Chief Operations Officer, Yandex.Cloud

The Solution

As a partner Hystax eliminates all of the challenges, by providing a hybrid cloud management platform as an extension of the current CSP’s portfolio and cutting project timelines from months to days.
Hystax Acura is a fully automated solution that provides cloud migration and disaster recovery services to end customers. Hystax ensures the following values for partnered CSPs:

  • A fully-automated live cloud migration with consistent replication of any types of workload, an unlimited number of test migrations, orchestration and minimal cutover
  • Simple management of complex migrations of any size with no limitations on supported platforms, including bare metal and KVM
  • An efficient migration of multiple customers at once
  • A multi-tenancy and partner-centric portal with simple rebranding, easily integrating with partner billing and PSA

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About Yandex.Сloud

Yandex.Cloud is a suite of services that makesit fast and safe to get as much computing power as you need on a pay-as-you-go model. You access this computing power over the internet. This approach to
computing resource usage is called cloud computing. Yandex.Cloud offers different categories of cloud resources, such as virtual machines, block storage, and databases. You can manage resources in each category using the appropriate service.

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