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Hystax provides mid-market and enterprise companies with Disaster Recovery and Business Resiliency Assessment. Our experts have a background of 10+ years in the Backup and Disaster Recovery field with proven track record in leaders of the market.


Scope of assessment covers the following areas:

  • Assessment of current DR strategy, including Technical and Operational capabilities
  • Assessment and analysis of defined RTO/RTO objectives and challenges associated with meeting those objectives
  • Identifying gaps in DR strategy across people, process, technology, architecture (physical and active/logical) and supporting documentation
  • Identifying Recovery / Failover Dependencies (i.e. Disaster Recovery Site, network, hardware, etc.)
  • Develop DR and Resiliency recommendations with roadmap and action items
  • Provide full Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Assessment report
  • Implement identified action items, train customer team to address different types of IT disasters and infrastructure outages


Deliverables of the Assessment include:

  • DR Assessment Baseline Report
  • Current state assessment report covering people, process and technology
  • Disaster Recovery recommendations and action items to fix or improve DR strategy
  • Implemented DR strategy improvements and recommendations including deploying DR solutions, configuring replication settings, Production & DR sites (applications, servers, storage, network, security)
  • Customer employee training to increase Resiliency, DR awareness and mitigate business risks

For more details, please contact [email protected].