Automated AWS Disaster Recovery

Provide business continuity and IT resilience with a fully automated AWS disaster recovery solution

Hystax Disaster Recovery to AWS is the only any-to-any migration and DR software that supports all modern source platforms:

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud
  • VMware
  • KVM
  • OpenStack
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Bare Metal

Supported Applications


Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery is available on AWS Marketplace. Subscribe and deploy in minutes

Significant economy on backup
and disaster recovery

Regular automatic disaster recovery
scenarios testing

Powerful customer portal with
sophisticated user and
rights management

Disaster Recovery of On-Premise Infrastructure to AWS

To give significant TCO reduction and reduce risks of a disaster affecting production infrastructure Hystax Acura can be configured and replicate to a failover AWS site and switch to it at any time. Read more>

Cloud-native API is used to create basic routines like volumes, snapshots, subnets, and virtual machines

Flexible and Easy to Manage AWS Cloud Backup

Simple backup solution from the physical or virtual infrastructure into AWS platform. Continuous data protection and ability to restore data allows Hystax to provide enterprise-grade business continuity.  Read more>

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AWS Disaster Recovery with minimal RTO and RPO

Hystax Disaster Recovery to AWS makes business data bulletproof, provides IT resilience and business continuity. Read more>

AWS Disaster Recovery Plan in 4 Steps

1. Deploy replication

Choose your level of cloud integration

2. Configure replication and retention settings

Start background replication of business applications, machines data, and metadata

3. Create a DR Plan and configure auto-testing

DR plans are generated automatically based on replicated infrastructure

4. Run Recover flow when you have a disaster

Easily restore all changes from DR site back to production workloads in minutes

“Hystax assisted us in all stages of migration and did above and beyond what was initially planned, by customizing replication process to mitigate obstacles. We were extremely happy to work with Hystax!”

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