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Bringing just implemented Cloud Solution to production is a big effort and stress for the Operations team – tons of software dependencies, conflicts with the existing infrastructure, problems with the delivery of the software updates.

Hystax expertise can help you to avoid such problems and reduce load on your Operations team and the maintenance costs for the solution.

How we do that:

  • We address Ops pain as our central point

  • Solution architecture is designed using container-oriented approach

  • We use Docker containers to pack software with all its dependencies

  • DevOps processes are deeply integrated into Cloud Solution development

  • Our Quality Assurance team tests solutions using structurally the same environment as it is in production

  • Solutions we develop scale responsively to load using Kubernetes

Advantages you will get:

  • Simple artifacts and clear deployment instructions

  • Solution which can be easily integrated, maintained, upgraded and scaled

  • Reduced deployment and maintenance expenses

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