Installation steps

  1. Find the shared images in the cloud.

There should be two new images at the “Shared Images” tab: one for Hystax Acura Controller, and one for Hystax Cloud Agent.


  1. Create a Security Group for Acura.


This SG should allow incoming traffic at the following ports:
  • tcp: 22, 80, 443, 4443, 30080, 30081, 30082

  • udp: 12201


  1. Create an Acura VM.

Press “Create Instance” on the Acura’s image and proceed through the wizard.

Required settings for the VM:

  • A flavor with at least 2 CPUs and 8 GB RAM.

  • Disk size should be at least 200 GB.

  • Assign a public IP address with maximum possible bandwidth. This IP will be used to receive replication data.

  • Choose the Acura security group you have created earlier.


Adding a key pair during Acura’s deployment is highly recommended to provide you with SSH access to the machine. Although Hystax Engineering team will be able to perform maintenance checks and troubleshooting (as long as the network is reachable and your security groups allow the corresponding traffic), it is better to have your own means of accessing the Acura instance. Please refer to Alibaba official documentation on using SSH public-private key pairs.

There is no need to create a Cloud Agent instance – only Acura instance is required. Acura will spawn and remove Cloud Agent instances automatically.

  1. Convert a Public IP to an Elastic IP for Acura instance.

Acura instance requires a fixed public IP.

Find your freshly created instance, click “More → Network and Security Group → Convert to EIP”. This will make it a fixed IP that will not be released if the instance is stopped.


  1. Pass Acura’s initial configuration.

Once the VM is started, wait approximately 20 minutes for it to boot up, then open its EIP in a web browser. Please accept the certificate warnings so that you are redirected to the initial configuration page.

Step 1: Enter the organization name and new Hystax Admin User credentials into the Setup Wizard. This will be the user account for logging in to Hystax Acura Control Panel and managing the system. If there are any errors, the system will notify you.


Step 2: Fill in your Hystax License key that was supposed to be shared with you in advance as well as the settings for accessing your mail server, which will be used to send notifications from Acura and generate periodic reports.


SMTP server with TLS/SSL encryption is required to proceed with deployment.

A sample notification will be sent to the specified “Test email” to verify the functionality when you click “Next”.


Step 3: Fill in all the fields by providing cloud configuration details. Use question mark icons to get hints on the fields. After you click “Next”, the Setup Wizard will validate the entered data and notify you in case of an error.





Access key ID

Cloud API credentials. They can be obtained by hovering over your avatar in cloud interface and clicking “AccessKey”.


Secret Access Key

Cloud API credentials. They can be obtained by hovering over your avatar in cloud interface and clicking “AccessKey”.



The region ID you’ve deployed Acura to. You can find a list of region IDs in Alibaba’s documentation.


Cloud Agent image ID

ID of Cloud Agent image


Security group

The Acura security group ID you have created earlier


VSwitch ID

The VSwitch ID Acura instance is connected to


Hystax Acura Control Panel Public IP

Public IP that will be used to access the Hystax Control Panel via web browser and by replication agents

Click “Next” to start cloud validation.

Step 4: Once the validation is complete, click on the “Log in” button, and log into Acura Control Panel. Accept the certificate warnings if needed.


Congratulations, you are now ready to use Acura!