Cut costs and realize
your hybrid cloud potential

IT budget breakdown, hybrid workload provisioning,
mobility & IT resilience

Live Cloud Migration

any-to-any, fully-automated

Disaster Recovery

partner-centric, cross-cloud IT resilience

Hybrid Cloud Management

budget control, smart migration, IT resilience

Welcome to the future.

Hystax Acura provides disaster recovery and fully automated,  any-to-any cloud migration for private and public clouds, uniquely designed for partners to offer as-a-Service to their end-customers.

Supported Applications

Managed Service Providers & Integrators

Use Hystax products in digital
transformation projects

Cloud Service Providers & Telecoms

Provide Cloud Migration and DR
as a service to your customers

Small & Medium Business and Enterprise

Build Hybrid Cloud, migrate
and protect your workloads

Fully-Automated Live Cloud Migration

Migrate workloads to private or public clouds in real-time and without
production stoppage. Get consistent replication from
any source to any target platform

Hystax Cloud Migration to:

Hystax Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Products are available on cloud marketplaces

Meet Stringent Recovery Objectives

Achieve IT Resilience and Business Continuity with
Hystax’s disruptive Disaster Recovery for both Private and Public Clouds

Hystax Disaster Recovery to:

Our Customers

“Silver Lining Systems is very pleased to partner with Hystax, since our companies share the common goal of providing cost-effective solutions to our customers through automation. By leveraging Hystax technologies, we’ve been able to eliminate most of the manual tasks to de-risk and accelerate customer migrations to our cloud infrastructure (months to weeks) while achieving enhanced customer satisfaction, a reduction in migration costs and earlier revenue capture.”

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Adrian Ma, COO

Gain Control of Your Cloud Infrastructure

The Hystax Hybrid Cloud Management Platform enables companies to control, manage and forecast cloud spending, build multi and hybrid-cloud models and achieve workload mobility and IT Resilience

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