How to upgrade
Red Hat OpenStack

6 steps towards a successful
Red Hat OpenStack 13 to 16 upgrade

The Challenges of Upgrading OpenStack Clouds

New OpenStack releases (so called vanilla OpenStack) come from the community every 6 months. OpenStack community tries to make the upgrade as a core capability for the last few releases but there is not much success there. 

The lack of a stable and solid update functionality becomes the main blocker for OpenStack adoption.


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How to upgrade Red Hat OpenStack cloud effortlessly,
without downtime

Step 1

Deploy a new version of RHOPS into your datacenter. The advantage is that you don’t need to have the environment of the same size as you have in your production as you can reuse your hardware decommissioning compute nodes and storage and adding them to your new deployment during the migration.

How to upgrade OpenStack - Step1
How to upgrade OpenStack Step2

Step 2

Recreate or migrate all the infrastructure settings. You need to rebuild networking, flavors, keystone and cinder settings. This can be done either manually or with some tools. Hystax provides the infrastructure replication for cloud migration and disaster recovery scenarios. The solution is certified by Red Hat.

Step 3

Identify some set of VMs or an application with which you will test and build the lift-and-shift process.

How to Upgrade OpenStack Step4

Step 4

Migrate the workloads, identify gaps, build a schedule for the migration and start a massive migration. You can do that in chunks and phases. 

Start the massive migration by compute nodes so you can reuse them in a new deployment after a cutover.

Step 5

Plan and execute cutovers. Set some allowance period after the cutover to check that there are no issues. Don’t shut down and decommission compute nodes until the allowance period ends – in this case you can roll back and fix any issues.

How to Upgrade OpenStack Step 5
How to Upgrade OpenStack Step6

Step 6

Repeat the steps until the migration is done. Decommiss the old deployment.

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