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How Hystax helps CloudAk build out cross-cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service in the Middle East

A success story of how MSPs can extend their current cloud services portfolio and launch new service with minimal effort

From this case study, you’ll learn how to:
  • Increase your revenue and extend market outreach with new Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration services at your disposal
  • Zero investment from infrastructure or software side to launch the service
  • Easy to manage, flexible pay-as-you-go model, support from Hystax in pre-sale and on-boarding new customers

Top insights

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Executive Summary

Learn how managed service providers, such as CloudAk in the Middle East, can benefit from Hystax’s partnership and build a cloud migration and disaster recovery as a service with minimum investment and just in a few days. Hystax supports you on all the stages: from on-boarding and training to customer support and pre-sale activities. You don’t need to have your own cloud to start, just use one of the regional cloud service providers or AWS, Azure, GCP or Alibaba. With more than 80K+ machines migrated and 5K+ protected simultaneously, Hystax is a leader in multi-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration.