Start Live Migration to KVM

Migration to KVM with fully-automated solution from any source platform with no production impact

Hystax Live Cloud Migration to KVM is the only any-to-any migration software that supports all modern source platforms:

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud
  • VMware
  • KVM
  • OpenStack
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Bare Metal

Supported Applications


Start live background
replication of production

Run test migrations before
making a decision to
switch production

Spin up migrated
workloads on KVM
in a few minutes

Migrate VMware workloads to KVM in a predictable manner

A simple way to take VMware deployment to KVM without experiencing downtime or complexities arising from large-scale migration of workloads. Read more>

Migrate any types of workloads in real-time. Reduce TCO by moving to an open-source and enterprise-grade hypervisor

Hyper-V to KVM migration solution with consistent replication

Migrate to KVM in real-time and without data loss. Reduce your TCO by moving to an open-source and enterprise-grade hypervisor. Read more>

Start smart, efficient, cost-effective and fully-automated cloud migration process. Download a whitepaper to get more information on core values

Migrate from Private Cloud to KVM in minutes

Eliminate challenges of such migration process and migrate workloads in a fully-automated way with respect to business application structure and topology. Read more>

Live cloud migration to KVM in 6 steps

1. Prepare for migration

Choose your level of cloud integration

2. Start replication
Start background replication of business applications, machines data and metadata without any performance impact

3. Store data
All the data is stored in a cloud native format using volumes and snapshots of a target cloud

4. Orchestration
Automated orchestration launches fully operational business applications on target KVM

5. Test migrations
Run unlimited number of test in an isolated VPC, run a set of functional and performance tests without performance impact

6. Final cutover
Final migration or cutover within a small and predictable maintenance window

“Silver Lining Systems is very pleased to partner with Hystax, since our companies share the common goal of providing cost-effective solutions to our customers through automation. By leveraging Hystax technologies, we’ve been able to eliminate most of the manual tasks to de-risk and accelerate customer migrations to our cloud infrastructure (months to weeks) while achieving enhanced customer satisfaction, a reduction in migration costs and earlier revenue capture.”


Adrian Ma, COO

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