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Hystax provides training and certification program for Hystax Acura migration solution. Applicants who have completed the program and successfully passed exams will be issued certificates.

Hystax provides two types of training and certification programs: Hystax Certified Migration Engineer (HCME) and Hystax Certified Migration Architect (HCMA), both focused on training migration skills and usage of Hystax Acura to complete an Enterprise-grade migration.

Hystax Certified Migration Engineer (HCME) training covers cloud migration basics, steps to prepare infrastructure for migration, Hystax Acura configuration, creation of migration plans and switching to a new platform.

Hystax Certified Migration Architect (HCMA) training is focused on Hystax partners whose employees take care about deploying Hystax Acura clusters and provide enterprise customers with full support and assistance in a process of migration.

The difference between HCME and HCMA programs is in depth of coverage of topics related to Hystax Acura deployment and cluster maintenance. We recommend HCME programs to customers who want to perform migration with their own efforts, HCMA is the best for partner employees who will provide maintenance and support of Hystax Acura deployments to their customers.

All types of certifications have a practical exam after training, applicants who successfully passed the exams are issued a certificate.

Find the details of certification programs below. For more information and program sign-up, please contact [email protected]

Hystax Certified Migration Engineer

  1. Introduction
    1.1. Modern cloud systems
    1.2. Migration need and challenges
  2. Migration flow overview
  3. Replication and Storage
    3.2. Replication agents
    3.3. Consistency
    3.4. Replica storage
  4. Migration planning
    4.1. Replication
    4.2. Migration scenario
    4.3. Orchestration
    4.4. Switch and downtime planning
  5. Migration scenario creation
    5.1. Source metadata usage
    5.2. Networking
    5.3. Device parameters
    5.4. Orchestration
    5.5. Application migration scripts
  6. Migration plan execution
    6.1. Iterative migration tests
    6.2. Downtime
    6.3. Final steps

Hystax Certified Migration Architect

  1. Introduction
    1.1. Modern cloud systems
    1.2. Migration need and challenges
  2. Migration flow overview
  3. Replication
    3.1. Types
    3.2. Consistency
    3.3. Platform differences
  4. Replica Storage
    4.1. Image storage
    4.2. Block delta storage
    4.3. Pass-through storage
  5. Migration planning
    5.1. Replication
    5.2. Migration scenario creation
    5.3. Orchestration
    5.4. Switch and downtime planning
  6. Platform conversion – device-level
    6.1. V2V conversion
    6.2. Application migration
  7. Platform conversion – infrastructure-level
    7.1. Devices
    7.2. Networking
    7.3. Security
  8. Migration plan execution
    8.1. Iterative migration tests
    8.2. Downtime
    8.3. Final steps
  9. Post-migration
    9.1. Using migration suite as a tool for BC/DR

Apply for the training and certification at [email protected].