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Hystax provides high-quality services in architecting and building Proofs of Concept for your brilliant ideas.

Just imagine one of the following scenarios where we can be extremely helpful to make an idea go live:

  • You represent a company and want to test the waters in a new perspective market but your development team is busy with your key product development

  • You have a secret project that can change the game and you are scared of anyone to steal your genius idea

  • You work at a company and think of starting on your own. But before starting a company and going to investors you want to probe your idea and build Proof of Concept

All what you need is to spend some time with our experts to discuss your idea and we will do the following:

  • Architect and develop a design of future Proof of Concept

  • Provide a solid assessment on time and resources needed for implementation

  • Implement Proof of Concept and provide you with all the data and materials you need to assess the idea

  • Build a production solution you can go to market with

  • Audit and consult on your current public cloud solution to identify gaps and holes in architecture and configuration which may increase risk of IT downtime and attack

Our expertise lays in an area of private/public/hybrid solutions, file and object storages and Dockers. But Hystax can do more!

You can learn more at company overview page.

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