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It’s not a secret that you cannot build a solid and high-quality product without investing enough time and effort on testing the product. It’s already a standard for the majority of IT businesses and development teams to adapt different development process like test-driven development with a significant focus on product quality. But testing done by developers is a format of unit, manual or functional test, not enough to guarantee an overall product quality.

In the top companies QA departments are of about the same sizes as the development teams. The main reason for that is that investing into product quality assurance on an early stage of the product saves a significant amount of time and resources supporting the product and dealing with customer escalations that lead to customer and overall product dissatisfaction.

Hystax is the best solution for you in the following scenarios:

  • You are building a complex solution and you feel that your current QA team won’t be capable to handle all QA efforts by itself

  • You are working with a geographically spreaded QA people and it’s a nightmare for you to manage the team to be productive

  • You are working on your startup idea with a small team of developers and you are not ready to invest money into a dedicated QA team

We can provide the following services to your business:

  • A team of QA experts with an expertise in private/public/hybrid solutions, file and object storages and Docker to fulfill your product needs in manual and automation testing

  • Seasoned QA managers to provide full support on all the stages of product development cycle and let you focus on other aspects

  • Consulting services to help educate and grow your new QA team to quickly fit the needs of your growing business

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