Hystax and Logosoft have entered into a strategic partnership

Hystax and Logosoft have recently announced a strategic partnership to help accelerate digital transformation and strengthen real-time data security for enterprises, with a focus on the Turkish region. The intent of the partnership is to enable Turkish companies to build smart, cost-effective, scalable and secure IT infrastructure. ‘Through this collaboration, Hystax and Logosoft are enabling […]

Top three public cloud services used

We will not speak about compute and object storage; it’s obvious that they take the first two positions. But let’s talk about the next three. At Hystax, we’ve recently conducted a broad survey with more than 400 respondents and got interesting results. I expected to see firewalls, big data services and cloud native databases  – […]

What cloud to choose

If you work at enterprise or SMB, you have different criteria to select a cloud. Enterprises do have a very complex decision making process, and, in the majority of the cases, the cloud preference depends on top management decisions or whether a cloud vendor and enterprise already have legal relationships. In this article I’ll talk […]

How to avoid double bubble during cloud migration

I’ve recently read a nice article by Intuit engineering team where they mentioned an interesting topic — double bubble. In terms of clouds it’s a state during cloud migration or digital transformation when you pay for both clouds, source and target sites. Let’s discuss how common it is. A standard cloud migration project consists of a defined set of steps: 1. […]

Best practices of cloud application inventory

IT applications are an indispensable part of business processes, and one way or another serve a single purpose: make your business tick in the most efficient way. Whether they are purchased from third parties or developed in-house, applications always entail costs connected with licenses, customization, maintenance, etc. It’s difficult to keep track of these countless […]

Achieving cost governance via cloud migration

“The cloud is not about paying for what you use, it is about paying for what you forgot to turn off.” This popular tweet by Deadprogrammer showcases the reality of lax cost governance of the cloud and what it means for today’s businesses. Interestingly enough, cost reduction is one of the primary reasons businesses choose to leverage […]

Hystax is announced new partnership to accelerate cloud adoption for AI-enabled applications

Hystax, a global leader in cross-cloud disaster recovery and cloud migration, and Intento, who helps enterprises to procure and deploy multi-cloud AI solutions with its AI Hub platform, just announced a partnership agreement to enhance cloud migration projects in the age of artificial intelligence. As a result of this new partnership, Hystax can assist customers in moving […]

How application inventory helps to gain complete transparency into IT infrastructures

Application inventory for IT infrastructure transparency Taking an inventory of applications can help business leaders gain complete transparency into their IT infrastructures. When organizations take the time to note how their IT infrastructure relates to each business application they enhance their IT professionals’ ability to manage technology directly in line with the business’s needs. From […]

What’s inside your cloud bill?

A cloud bill is a document that shows how much your business spends on cloud services. Think of it as a grocery store receipt which consists of a list and prices for each item. It’s critical to be able to decipher the specifics of your cloud bill in order to know what you’re actually paying […]