Windows Changed Blocks Tracker detects deltas between two VSS snapshots and instantly returns a list of changes to caller. The library works on user level and doesn’t require any kernel drivers to track changes.

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Tracks ALL changes between two VSS snapshots

Windows Changed Blocks Tracker retrieves deltas between two consecutive or inconsecutive snapshots

Provides instant Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Library reads deltas directly from VSS snapshots, no long API calls or data parsing

Works for file and disk-based backups and DR solutions

Windows Changed Blocks Tracker API supports file and volume level backups. Caller can instantly get deltas in a specific file or on a disk with volume-based offsets

Why is Windows Changed Blocks Tracker more secure and reliable way of retrieving deltas between VSS Snapshots?

Kernel drivers bring a set of problems:

  • They are unsafe – every bug leads to system freeze or blue screen

  • Requires system reboot to install and upgrade

  • Doesn’t store data between reboots or can cause system locks if deltas are flushed to a file

  • Difficult to maintain and upgrade – requires special skillset being in place

  • Can cause problems and performance degradation with antivirus software

  • Slows down system

  • Drivers need to be tested on each version of Windows as they can have different behaviour on various Windows versions

  • Using driver is not a native method to track and capture changes on Windows devices

Track Changes on Hyper-V hosts with CSV
  • Allows to track changes on mounted CSV

  • Supports Windows Server 2008R2, 2012R2 and 2016

  • Host-agnostic tracking – detect changes on a host even if they were made on a different host

  • Instant delta tracking in VHD / VHDx files

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