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Yandex.Cloud and Hystax launch automatic migration service to accelerate data transfer to a public cloud

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Yandex.Cloud platform and independent software vendor Hystax have agreed on a new partnership. For the first time in Russia, migration to a public cloud from other platforms is provided in SaaS format at the most affordable price. Hystax Acura solution is already available via Yandex.Cloud marketplace.

Oftentimes, it is the migration process struggle that holds most local companies back from moving their workloads to clouds, especially to public ones. Migration requires considerable time, and the cost of the replication is calculated by providers as a separate service.

Now all main stages of migration to Yandex.Cloud: creating virtual machines, selecting configurations, controlling data transfer – are fully-automated with Hystax Acura solution, which can be launched directly from Yandex.Cloud marketplace. The software allows you to transfer and run the infrastructure in Yandex.Cloud from any global cloud provider platform, virtualization platforms VMware and OpenStack, and bare metal. Migration occurs in the background with no downtime during the replication period, no need to stop business processes and no data loss. The cost can be calculated in advance – the price is 1,500 rubles per a virtual machine migration.

Hystax Acura automated solution implementation accelerates the migration speed by an average of 8 times. For example, transferring of 100 virtual machines infrastructure can take 30 days in manual mode, while with Hystax Acura it can be done in 2-3 days with unlimited number of test migrations before the final cutover. Hystax Acura also supports a disaster recovery scenario – if for any reason a failure happens on the customer production platform, production automatically continues in Yandex.Cloud.

Hystax Acura solution launch is expected to increase the number of Yandex.Cloud platform new users by 15% per month, as well as reduce the transition time to commercial use of the product twice. According to preliminary estimates, this will help Yandex.Cloud to receive additional revenue up to 200 million rubles during the first year of the automatic migration service providing.

About Hystax
Hystax was founded in 2016 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and engineers with a mission to address digital transformation challenges by introducing hybrid cloud management platform with a focus on IT budget control, hybrid cloud enablement, live cloud migration and IT Resilience. The platform combines substantial capabilities into a unique product offering that helps businesses keep IT costs under control, forecast and optimize monthly spending, manage workloads by seamless cloud migration and business continuity.
Tel.: +1.628 251-1280
[email protected]

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