Hystax Acura – a powerful Backup, Disaster Recovery and Migration platform for private clouds and business applications. Enterprise-grade protection and data management in a few clicks.

Active-Active Disaster Recovery

Hystax Acura pioneered cross-hypervisor Active-Active Disaster Recovery technology. No vendor lock-in on VMware on a Disaster Recovery site to support zero-RPO and being able to failover infrastructure in minutes.

Enterprise business for whom zero RPO is a strong requirement can save on Disaster Recovery and do not sacrifice quality.

Storage between sites is replicated via Multi-Zone storage solutions (NetApp MetroCluster, Dell EMC vPlex etc.) or Ceph / GlusterFS, it is strongly recommended to have latency of less than 10 ms between two sites.

Infrastructure and business application is restored with near-zero RTO with data at the state you had on a production site at the time disaster. You have full control of Disaster Recovery Plans and failover process. Hystax Acura boots application on Hyper-V, OpenStack or KVM and can easily return it back to production when you are ready.

Hystax Acura Data Flow

Hystax Acura agent calculates deltas between two consistent snapshots and sends them to Snapshot storage. Instant replication can be done just after a backup is completed, no additional preparations required.

Flexible Disaster Recovery Plans

Hystax Acura provides you with powerful and flexible DR plans which contain all necessary information to recreate your original production workloads. DR plans are generated automatically based on replicated infrastructure, you just need to revise it. Hystax Acura supports cloud orchestration and recreate infrastructure in a pre-defined order.

Regular automatic DR plan testing is available. Hystax Acura will regularly automatically create a cloud site from your DR site and run a bunch of test scripts. Testing reports are available.

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