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Hystax is a privately held software product development company of seasoned professionals, specialising in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.

We provide a list of high-quality products and services to our customers:

  • Acura Disaster Recovery Solution – our revolutionary solution can protect all your Windows and Linux devices and provide BCDR in our cloud

  • Windows Change Block Tracker – achieve instant RPO with this product, get all changes between two VSS snapshots just by one API call

  • Audit your IT infrastructure

  • BCDR Consulting services

Hystax team is skilled in building Cloud Solutions using Private/Public/Hybrid Clouds – from scratch towards the Production release, including:

  • Full stack consulting services and PoC implementation

  • Solution design and architecture

  • Implementation and deployment of developed solution

  • Best in Class Quality Assurance and DevOps services

Hystax values every CUSTOMER and provides special treatment to every project aspect.

Our teammates are experts in:

  • VMware, OpenStack and Ceph – we not only focus on customer products but also contribute in OpenStack and Ceph distributions to develop community and help products growth

  • Amazon Web Services – our team has significant expertise in building scalable and HA cloud solutions on AWS in such areas as Disaster Recovery as a Service and car retail

  • Microsoft Azure – is highly growing for the latest couple of years and Hystax team is on the top of this wave to provide the best-in-class service

  • Docker / Kubernetes – we know how to build and troubleshoot Docker applications and why it saves at least 20% of time in a product cycle which brings additional value to our customers

We also use: ELK, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Kubernetes, Etcd, Puppet, Redis, Nagios, Pagerduty.

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