Get instant Recovery Point Objective for your backup and DR solution!

Windows Changed Block Tracker retrieves all Deltas between any two snapshots

Imagine a situation when you have a large Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server database and you need to do regular backups to keep Recovery Point Objective (RPO) equal to minutes. Regularly backup solutions check file modification dates and spend a bunch of time to scan the whole file to find changed blocks.

With Windows Changed Block Tracker you get a list of changes INSTANTLY so you can provide instant RPO and the library is not dependent on side factors like system reboot.

You don’t need to compare file modification times and compute hashes and you can easily forget about insecure Windows CBT drivers.

How it works:

  • Opens VSS snapshot records

  • Does quick VSS format read to retrieve necessary data

  • Retrieves deltas from VSS snapshot and return them to the caller

Issues with Windows kernel CBT drivers you can avoid

  • Unsafe – every bug leads to system freeze or blue screen
  • Requires system reboot to install and upgrade
  • Doesn’t store data between reboots or can cause system locks if deltas are flushed to a file
  • Difficult to maintain and upgrade – requires special skillset being in place
  • Can cause problems and performance degradation with antivirus software
  • Slows down system
  • Drivers need to be tested on each version of Windows
  • Driver is not a native method to track and capture changes on Windows devices

That’s it. Windows Changed Block Tracker is quick, robust and doesn’t require risky and unstable CBT drivers!