Frequently asked questions (FAQ)ΒΆ

What should be installed on the customer side to start replication of an infrastructure?

On the customer side, just install and run replication agents on each of the ESXi hosts in your VMware vSphere or internal agents in case of Windows and Linux operating systems. Each VMware agent will be responsible for replicating machines on its host, which optimizes the flow and makes replication process more reliable. A VMware agent is downloaded through the replication wizard of a new host, where the agent is passed as a parameter to the group. Machines replicated by the agent will enter this group automatically as the settings to access VMware vSphere are shared as well. For detailed information, please refer to the section ACP - Replicating machines.

How often should you update your Migration plans?

Migration plans should be updated every time when there are any changes in the original replicated infrastructure, be it adding / removing machines or changing machine flavors.

How to group machines correctly and why should I create groups?

Groups are necessary for a logical combination of machines. Association principles can be different: general purpose of machines, geographical location, general rules for storing snapshots and replication schedule. A particularly important and convenient feature for groups is the ability to manage common parameters of a replication schedule and snapshot storage rules at a time, which significantly simplifies an already flexible configuration of a business application replication.

How much data will be lost in case of migration?

Hystax migration technologies prevent any data loss during a migration process.

How to check correctness of a business application migration?

To check correctness of migration of a business application, perform a set of test migrations using Migration Plans and check migration correctness either manually or by running tests against the migrated workloads.

Some machines changed their statuses to Error, what is the reason and how to fix it?

Make sure that replication agents are running and there are no errors in their console and no problems with the Internet connection between production and AWS or KVM platform.

How to set a replication schedule for critical parts of a business application?

Settings for schedules can be modified for all machines as well as for individual groups and individual machines. A detailed overview of the functionality can be found in the section ACP - Edit replication schedule.

A user has removed some of the resources (cloud site, Migration plan, etc.), how to get an audit-log of the recent user actions?

Client audit log is available for cloud provider administrators or customer administrators in case of an on-premise installation. Contact them to access and download the required data.

How to create a system user with limited rights for viewing and editing resources?

The system supports a flexible roles management including various actions within roles. Contact the solution administrator to create a role with necessary access parameters and assign users with it. A detailed overview of the functionality can be found in the section ACP - Roles management.