List of libraries and license typesΒΆ

The matrix below lists all external libraries and binaries that are incorporated into Hystax Acura, including all direct and transitive dependencies as well as their license type.

External Library Name Link to License License Name
Influxdb MIT
RabbitMQ MPLv2
MariaDB GPLv2
Mongo SSPL
heat Apache v2
kibana Apache v2
elasticsearch Apache v2
logstash Apache v2
nginx BSD-2
Docker-ce Apache v2
Protobuf BSD-3
Python PSFL
etcd Apache v2
grafana Apache v2
django PSFL
boto3 Apache v2
phpmyadmin Apache v2
python-openstackclient Apache v2
Tornado Apache v2
SQLAlchemy MIT
kubernetes Apache v2
AlphaVSS Apache v2
requests Apache v2
libressl Apache 1.0, 4, BSD, ISC
pyvmomi Apache v2
alibabacloud-python-sdk Apache v2
Azure-sdk-for-python MIT