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The 2023 Public Cloud Usage Results Are In

Industry Benchmarks, Trends & Best Practices

As cloud users mature, they’re more aware of wasted spending than they were a few years ago, yet millions continue to be lost on cloud expenses each year.

In this complementary report, get ready to explore key findings and uncover insights from a survey of executive peers, including:

  • Average cloud spends and wastage
  • Current industry best practices
  • Various approaches to cloud management and migration
  • Why 70% are seeking to learn new trends to help make smarter decisions

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A glimpse of insights uncovered

13% of global enterprise individuals surveyed noted that their organizations spend more than $12 million on public cloud each year. Approximately two-thirds of an enterprise’s average public cloud bill is spent on compute, a portion that is highly vulnerable to wasted spend.

With the right tools and resources in place, leaders can instead easily identify monthly budget discrepancies and prevent wasted cloud spend on items like overprovisioned infrastructure and idle resources.

lear new insights
A majority of individuals are seeking more insights and knowledge of trends in this space, and are therefore likely looking to their solution providers as thought leaders and true partners.
Move to a cloud
The respondents are proud of their current provisioning process, with all others noting that their systems are time consuming and could be improved.
Save Cloud Costs
The majority of individuals surveyed do not plan to migrate to another cloud in the next year, and therefore would likely need to be presented with key reasons to do so.