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AWS сost management

Simple and powerful tool to achieve full cloud transparency, reduce a monthly AWS bill and enhance AWS cost management

Hundreds of AWS saving recommendations

Hystax OptScale offers a unique approach to AWS cost optimization and management and empowers your IT team with innovative software for cost analytics across cloud resources and their owners, business units, applications and CI/CD jobs

Hystax OptScale is the best solution to keep cloud costs under control, ensure 100% predictability, reduce AWS cloud cost and achieve proper AWS cost management.

Сost visibility and control

AWS cost management

Full cloud transparency

AWS bill

TTL rules & budget constraints

OptScale is available on cloud marketplaces

Alibaba Cloud marketplace

AWS cost visibility and control

Get real-time resource detection and map out your AWS cloud consumption to a specific business unit, team or project within your organization to achieve full cloud cost transparency. A CI/CD job cost explorer helps customers control their spends on each pipeline, job and its single run.
No untracked, forgotten resources across the company’s AWS infrastructure for 100% cloud visibility.


AWS cost optimization

Comprehensive cost analytics enables identifying the best optimization scenarios for the company’s AWS cloud workloads. Hystax OptScale helps companies detect unassigned and orphaned resources, reduce wasted spend such as underutilized or idle resources and build the most effective IT infrastructure.

Full cloud transparency for better optimization

Our solution analyzes AWS cloud metrics to provide real-time optimization insights targeted on your cloud usage, prices, types of resources, performance and capacity.

OptScale generates AWS availability zone score, recommends resource relocation and assists with workloads mobility.


Optimize your AWS cloud spend and get full cost visibility and predictivity


AWS bill reduction

Companies are struggling to manage monthly growing cloud costs. Hystax OptScale is designed to achieve full budget transparency and ensure up to 35% average monthly savings on AWS cloud bill via smart AWS cost management, optimization and control capabilities.
Moreover you can use OptScale report as a baseline for discount negotiation with your cloud provider.

TTL rules and budget constraints

Hystax OptScale enables your IT team to track all events and actions for audit purposes, set budget thresholds and receive smart notifications. Destroy, notify, notify & destroy scenarios allow you to minimize the existence of underutilized resources, prevent budget overruns and imrove AWS cost management.


AWS resource history tracking

History tracking allows you to take all the process under control and review resource lifecycle in detail: when was created, who assigned to, how much consumed, when was removed. It significantly simplifies AWS cost management.

Get sophisticated reports with resource history tracking to manage cloud resources properly. 

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