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OptScale — FinOps
FinOps overview
Cost optimization:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
OptScale — MLOps
ML/AI Profiling
ML/AI Optimization
Big Data Profiling
Acura — Cloud migration
Database replatforming
Migration to:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Public Cloud
Migration from:
Acura — DR & cloud backup
Migration to:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud

Microsoft Azure disaster recovery solution

Comprehensive DR solution with replication and protection options
Hystax Acura is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Hystax disaster recovery MS Azure
If you are looking for cloud cost optimization/complete transparency to run ML/AI and any type of workload, try Hystax OptScale - a FinOps and MLOps open source solution

Cloud-native Azure Disaster Recovery solution

Hystax Acura is a cloud-native Disaster Recovery solution with best-in-class RPO and RTO, consistent replication and storage agnostic snapshots. Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery is available for end customers and partners in the forms of Disaster Recovery as a Service platform, On-Premise Disaster Recovery and a Cloud Backup solution.

Hystax Acura is on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
All business application recovery

Instant business application recovery

With Hystax Acura, application consistency is guaranteed. Our software supports block-level replication between clouds, regions, or availability zones. Powerful failback to production helps to restore workloads without data loss and in a planned maintenance window.

Best-in-class RPO and RTO values

Low RPO and RTO values

RPO and RTO values are key performance indicators, which reflect the efficiency of Hystax’s overall BC/DR strategy. Hystax provides best-in-class RTO/RPO of mere seconds or minutes, rather than hours or days, without any data loss.

Secure private deployments

MSP-focused multi-tenancy private deployments

Hystax Acura enables our partners to manage all of their customers’ disaster recovery projects simultaneously, and simply in a single pane of glass.

Smart cross-cloud disaster recovery

Cross-cloud disaster recovery scenarios

Cross-cloud disaster recovery enables companies to achieve IT Resilience and Business Continuity with just a single click of a button, even when cloud providers fail.

Smart user and rights management

Sophisticated user and rights management

With Hystax, your IT team gets sophisticated role-based access management and audit, which allows them to manage user access, and assign granular roles to various resources, view, and export audit logs.

Set flexible alerts for cloud cost control

MSP dashboard and reports

The sophisticated MSP dashboard allows you to manage all your customers and projects through one console, get a full resource utilization report and configure all level event notifications.

Why Companies Use Hystax Disaster Recovery to Azure

Hystax Disaster Recovery to Azure

By using Hystax Acura for failover between availability zones in the Microsoft Azure cloud, you can improve the overall availability of workloads and ensure resiliency on Azure. Hystax helps companies take care of IT resilience and business continuity and implement an efficient disaster recovery strategy with best-in-class RTO and RPO values of seconds and minutes. Hystax supports all modern target platforms: AWS, GCP, VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Alibaba Cloud.

cloud migration to azure scheme

Disaster Recovery to Azure

Continuous Data Protection with Azure

Hystax has pioneered cross-hypervisor Disaster Recovery to store customer data and snapshots in a cloud-native format, which is ready to use in the case of failover. 

On-Premise Disaster Recovery to Azure

Hystax ensures industry-leading RPO and RTO to guarantee continuity in your business process. Enable significant cost savings by utilizing Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery site.

Disaster Recovery between Azure Availability Zones

Hystax Acura enables companies to replicate and failover their workloads in specific availability zones that facilitate increased resiliency against individual zone failures within the region. 

Azure Disaster Recovery in 5 Easy Steps


Deploy the replication agent


Configure replication and retention settings


Create a DR Plan and configure auto-testing


Run recovery flow when you have a disaster


Run a failback to restore your production site

Deploy replication agent

Choose your level of cloud integration

Background continuous replication

Start background replication of business applications, machines data, and metadata

Use pre-created disaster recovery or create a new one

DR plans are generated automatically based on replicated infrastructure

Run a failover in case of disaster
Immediately run a failover in case of any disaster
Restore all changes from DR site back to production

Easily restore all changes from DR site back to production workloads in minutes

What’s New?

Azure Disaster Recovery: End-to-end Demo

A machine protection process: the stages of machine replication, DR plan generating, a cloud site launching, and failback creating.

Hystax is available on Azure Marketplace

Find Hystax Disaster Recovery on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and deploy in a couple of clicks

Mitigating Potential Cyberattacks with Disaster Recovery

Implementing disaster recovery measures to protect your business, customers and assets from the spreading threat of ransomware.

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