Whitepaper 'FinOps and cost management for Kubernetes'
OptScale is fully available as an open source solution under Apache 2.0 on GitHub
Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'

Database replatforming with minimal downtime

Reliable solution, providing full database consistency
database-replatforming Hystax Acura

Hystax Acura gives an opportunity to replatform your database in a straightforward way, providing variable scenarios, like migration from Red Hat to Ubuntu, from Linux to Linux, from Windows to Windows, from Windows to Linux and others.
Supported OS versions: ESXi, Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL

database-consistency-Hystax-database replatforming

Full database consistency

Incremental replication

Minimal downtime

reliable-migration-Hystax-database replatforming

Reliable migration process

Migrate your database in 4 easy steps

Step 1. We consistently replicate database with its volume and transaction logs 

Step 2. You launch the database on a target operating system 

Step 3. We attach the replicated volume to the desired VM 

Step 4. SUCCESS! The fast and reliable process with the predicted result and minimal downtime

OptScale is available on cloud marketplaces

Alibaba Cloud marketplace
If you are looking for cloud cost optimization/complete transparency to run ML/AI and any type of workload, try an MLOps and FinOps open source solution Hystax OptScale

Incremental replication

Hystax Acura supports incremental data replication. The technology identifies and updates only records with changes in the source since the last synchronization. Using this method Hystax Acura helps companies reduce the time of a replication process and optimize cloud costs.

incremental data replication

Full database consistency

Hystax Acura provides users with a fully-automated and reliable tool to migrate a database from one platform to another. Consistent background replication ensures full data integrity and no data loss at any stage of the migration process.

Recognized by Forrester as a leading cloud cost management solution

Optimize your Alibaba Cloud spends and get full cost visibility and predictivity

Minimal downtime

Our solution allows companies to minimize downtime while migrating the database and achieve business continuity. Unlimited number of test migrations in turn also help avoid downtime by building confidence before a customer is ready to switch to a new platform.

minimal-migration-downtime-Hystax-database replatforming
cost anomaly detection

Cost anomaly detection

GCP cloud bills don’t need to be unpredictable. OptScale is able to continuously observe GCP costs, resource utilization and detect cost anomalies to avoid bill shocks. The solution highlights the roots of overspends, which allows your engineering teams to take steps quickly and prevent budget overruns.

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