Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'
Whitepaper 'FinOps and cost management for Kubernetes'

Engage engineers in FinOps and cost optimization processes

OptScale offers endless optimization scenarios for AWS, MS Azure, Alibaba and Kubernetes clusters

Recognized by Forrester as a leading cloud cost management solution

Engineering engagement in FinOps and cloud cost optimization process

Analyze cloud costs, get real-time optimization insights and implement FinOps principles

Cloud costs are largely impacted by usage. OptScale tracks your cloud usage in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, and Kubernetes environments and identifies the ideal ways in which to optimize current spending. With OptScale, team members share the ownership and responsibility for the cloud resources that they use. TTL rules for individual resources are designed to avoid cost anomalies and prevent cloud waste.

The platform helps properly align budgets and control spends, get in-depth cost analytics, identify optimization scenarios and build an ongoing FinOps process.

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FinOps and multi-cloud management platform

Real-time cloud resource detection

Hundreds of optimization scenarios

Cost anomaly detection cost optimization

Cost anomaly detection

Flexible thresholds, TTL and cost constraint settings

OptScale is available on cloud marketplaces

Alibaba Cloud marketplace

FinOps and multi-cloud management platform

OptScale enables users to access consolidated data from dozens of cloud accounts and various cloud providers, all on a single dashboard. An opportunity to link multiple AWS,  Microsoft Azure or Alibaba Cloud accounts to one organization gives full cloud resource usage transparency across all of the company’s IT environments. 

OptScale enables you to implement one of the most critical FinOps principles collaboration by engaging engineering teams in the cloud cost optimization process


Real-time cloud resource detection

OptScale enables users to detect and to auto-assign resources to specific budgets, business units, team or individual engineers for a deep dive into cloud spending and forecasting expenses. Eliminate untracked resources across all clouds.

Our smart cost explorer allows companies to monitor costs for each business unit, application, and a CI/CD job to achieve full cloud cost transparency.

Endless cloud cost optimization scenarios

A plethora of optimization scenarios s, from VM rightsizing to PaaS services and abandoned buckets, are all supported and ready to be applied. The real-time optimization insights are available for public clouds and Kubernetes clusters, and provide the optimal configuration of cloud infrastructure based on cloud health and an analysis of your resource utilization patterns. The optimization steps enable companies to reduce their cloud bill by an average of 36%.


Cost anomaly detection

With OptScale no cloud bill should be a surprise to your engineering team. 

Cost anomaly detection helps to establish effective governance mechanisms, which instantly monitor cloud spending and send automatic alerts in cases in which current expenses have increased significantly compared to the previous cloud consumption trends.

Get the initial optimization results in 20 minutes without lengthy configuration processes and deployments


Budgets & cloud resources mapping

With Hystax OptScale you can map out business units and users against all cloud resources, application and CI/CD jobs.

Smart cost explorer allows companies to monitor costs for each business unit, application, CI/CD job to achieve full cloud cost transparency.

TTL and cost constraint settings, flexible thresholds and reports

Smart budget exceed alerts, resource tagging, and custom automatic assignment rules enable companies to take control of their cloud bill. With the right rules in place, companies can detect overspending issues before they ever occur.

Hystax OptScale provides users with a detailed expense report across all business units and users.


Cloud account time-lapse

Our innovative cloud management platform provides an opportunity for leaders and IT teams to go back and review spending time-lapse and gain full transparency of all cloud expenses.

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