Whitepaper 'FinOps and cost management for Kubernetes'
OptScale is fully available as an open source solution under Apache 2.0 on GitHub
Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'

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Join Hystax, a company with a history of cloud expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our highly skilled team is always moving forward, developing products recognized by worldwide companies.

Our latest innovations include Hystax Acura, software for disaster recovery/cloud backup and cloud migration, and OptScale, a leading cloud cost management solution recognized by Forrester.

Our mission is to empower businesses to optimize cloud costs through ML/AI profiling & optimization. If you share our ambition and desire to move forward, we want to hear from you.

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Our core values

Success in life is one thing, but collaborating in a company and achieving success with other team members is quite another!

Hystax is the kind of company where prospects for personal and career growth are respected and developed, along with human values such as teamwork, tolerance, hardworking, sincerity, and adaptability.

Hystax’s primary goal is to assist businesses of any size in choosing an appropriate cloud and making it affordable, reliable, and cost-efficient. So, why not pursue our goals together?

We are waiting for you in our young, creative, and optimistic team!


working together to achieve shared goals


respect and acceptance of every member’s differences


putting in a lot of effort and dedication to the job


expressing genuine thoughts and feelings


being flexible and open to change

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