Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'
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Improved R&D efficiency with a minimal and predictable infrastructure cost

FinOps platform to organize shared workload usage, optimize & forecast Kubernetes and cloud costs.
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Performance improvement without re‑architecting your applications


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Cost management & optimization

Application performance improvement

FinOps for Kubernetes

Optimize cloud costs within a Kubernetes container infrastructure. Define owners, analyze costs across multiple clusters even using multi-cloud and achieve full visibility into your containerized environment. Resource constraints, budget allocation, real-time recommendations and insights guarantee that no Kubernetes clusters lead to budget wastage. 

Cloud FinOps for Kubernetes

OptScale is available on cloud marketplaces

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Identify wastage

Detect underutilized or idle resources, choose the most appropriate cloud region in terms of price and performance; benefit from rightsizing capabilities with OptScale. Get dozens of ready-to-implement recommendations to optimize Kubernetes or cloud workloads performance and price right after your login.

Optimize expenses

Optimize costs for cloud and K8s workloads. OptScale provides optimization hints for each cluster: cloud discounts, pod and node rightsizing, autoscaling, fragmented nodes rebalancing, etc. Cut cloud bills with AI-based cost analytics, cloud cost map and cloud health monitoring. Afterwards rely on accurate expenses forecasts to avoid future budget overruns.

Bring observability

Get a full picture of the health, price and performance of resources, applications and the whole IT infrastructure from the OptScale dashboard. Be notified about cost anomalies, budget wastage and bottlenecks in application performance. OptScale guarantees the transparency of usage and cost across Kubernetes and traditional workloads.

Organize applications and resources

Implement tagging systems for better resources and application usage visibility. Map all the costs across organisation units, projects or unique users. Assign budgets and resources to team members and projects, easily identify the boundaries of responsibilities among your R&D department. Receive smart online notifications and alerts in Slack to stay informed.

Set TTLs and budget constraints

Review individual resources and clusters, set TTL rules and pool constraints to catch any budget overruns immediately. OptScale enables IT teams to track all events and actions for audit purposes, set budget thresholds and receive real-time notifications.

Establish a long-term cost-saving process

Expenses optimization isn’t a one day task, it’s an ongoing process. With OptScale R&D team members are deeply involved in cost savings on a regular basis and are responsible for workloads and budgets assigned to them. Slack integration helps to engage engineers in FinOps implementation and cloud cost management. It’s a straightforward way to achieve full budget transparency and significantly reduce cloud bills monthly.

Monitor applications behavior
OptScale monitors key application and resource metrics like CPU, network and storage utilization. For public cloud environments OptScale uses data provided by cloud-native monitoring tools or you can connect the monitoring system you use like Datadog or PagerDuty. Kubernetes metrics are collected by Prometheus.
Identify bottlenecks
OptScale analyzes the performance metrics, compares them with historical data, patterns and identifies bottlenecks. It can be lack of IOPS, CPU underutilization, wrong node pool for pods, etc.
Recommend performance enhancements

OptScale provides dozens of performance enhancement scenarios like VM rightsizing, CI/CD job resource reflavoring, pod affinity groups, reducing cross-region traffic. The majority of the scenarios are available in the Free version of the product.

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