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“Hystax makes clouds
affordable and reliable”

The Hystax Story

2016 was a starting point for a multi-faceted story of Hystax – a company founded by a seasoned team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, practitioners and engineers who passionately got started to design a unique platform that would help businesses choose an appropriate cloud and make it affordable and reliable.

And Hystax was born.

The time was passing imperceptibly and the collaborative team realized that all their endeavours needed to be reinforced by a new killer feature of their platform that would make it flexible, more sophisticated and sought after by R&D specialists in the era of digital transformation.

More than 10 years of cloud expertise have found a deep reflection in the promising Hystax solution – Hystax OptScale that offers businesses of all sizes FinOps enablement to achieve their operational excellence and automatic full cloud cost transparency among all the resources the company possesses.

Via OptScale solution, we are encouraging every user to dive deeply into their resource lifecycle management and explore the company pitfalls, leading to overspending. Thus, we empower our customers to make data-driven decisions and build an efficient cloud usage experience for increased business performance.

Our vision

At present, starting your migration journey to a cloud without understanding how much your cloud resources would cost, how to allocate budgets and what scenario of cloud spending you will have, would be unreasonable and even wasteful. We have taken that aspect into account and reinforced commonly used cloud migration and cross-cloud disaster recovery by FinOps adoption, cloud cost optimization and Test Environment Management, so that a cloud cost was no longer a concern for your R&D team anymore.

We hope that the OptScale product designed as a unique SaaS solution will allow businesses of any size to make their clouds cozy, simple and cost-efficient by proper FinOps enablement.

Hystax believes that every company via acceleration of FinOps adoption will get cloud cost transparency and optimization and achieve their operational excellence.

Meet some of our customers

Our case study room

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