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Case Study

How Aire Networks, with the help of GlobalDots and Hystax, migrated more than 100 customer VMs to their cloud and have around 50 customer VMs protected

Hystax and Aire Networks

GlobalDots has incorporated Hystax Acura into its portfolio to fulfill diverse customer requirements, enhance the quality of delivered cloud services, and optimize internal workflow processes with the help of a partner portal, which allowed GlobalDots to manage all customers and projects through one console, get a complete resource utilization report, and configure all level event notifications. 

GlobalDots is an Israeli-based tech hub specializing in cloud and web innovation, providing a range of services, including cloud security & compliance, performance optimization, DevOps & cloud management, FinOps, and cloud observability.

Using Hystax solutions, GlobalDots offers customers seamless cloud migration and disaster recovery/backup. It delivers full cloud cost transparency and optimization with dozens of scenarios like rightsizing, Reserved/Spot Instances, Savings Plans, etc. (Hystax OptScale).

Many customers are looking to migrate from On-Premise to the Cloud or switch between Clouds. Acura gives us the perfect tool that helps make the migration process smooth, quick, and efficient for our customers,” said Miguel Fersen, Director of Iberia & Latam.

We also support the backing up of customer data using Acura Backup & Disaster Recovery functionalities.

Many satisfied customers are using Hystax-powered solutions to improve their cloud experience while getting peace of mind knowing that the data is safely backed up at any given moment.

We offer our customers a Cloud Cost Assessment powered by OptScale and other innovative FinOps tools. By connecting OptScale, we get a deep insight into possible areas of optimization and guidance for practical application of FinOps processes.” 

Using Hystax Acura, Aire Networks, one of GlobalDot’s customers, successfully executed cloud migration projects and built efficient disaster recovery strategies for Spanish companies.

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - executive summary

Executive Summary

With the help of Hystax Acura, Aire Networks provides different scenarios of cloud migration and disaster recovery for their customers, which supports all cloud platforms, including AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Alibaba Cloud, and Bare Metal. 

Apart from Aire Networks being a Wholesale Telecom Operator, they also act as a Cloud Service Provider, running their own OpenStack-based cloud supported by Hystax Acura.

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - goal

The Goal

Aire Networks aimed to add cloud migration and disaster recovery to their product portfolio to provide its customers with a reliable solution that enables them to avoid any data loss and achieve minimal downtime during OpenStack migration and disaster recovery processes.

About Aire Networks

Aire Networks is a Wholesale Telecom Operator in Spain with 20 years of experience, with the broadest presence across the country, and a telecommunication network spanning over 32,000 km, covering 90% of Spain’s territory.

The Challenge

Implementing cloud transformation projects on a daily basis, Aire Networks faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of fully-automated and efficient service for any-to-any cloud migration and disaster recovery projects, which in addition supports their cloud, based on OpenStack 
  • Issues with continuous upgrades of the OpenStack system, which become a real challenge for the majority of cloud migration specialists
  • A substantial quantity of projects running simultaneously demands a solution with a single pane of glass to finish all projects on time and speed up an onboarding process
  • Delivering best-in-class RPO and RTO values for disaster recovery and providing the opportunity to cut down project timelines drastically, from months to weeks or even days, keeping the total migration costs reasonable.
Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - solution

The Solution

Since partnering in early 2023, Aire Networks have already used Hystax Acura to migrate more than 100 customer VMs to their cloud and have around 50 customer VMs protected with the Hystax Acura Disaster Recovery solution.

Aire Networks needed to find a fast migration solution with minimal downtime and the possibility to roll back in case of customer request. For the DR solution, apart from an RPO of below 1 min, Aire Networks also needed automated failback with failback agents to OpenStack, which supports incremental failback and found all this functionality in Hystax Acura.

Hystax and GlobalDots provided Aire Networks with a solution, which allowed them to implement seamless cloud migration and disaster recovery processes by: 

  • Full automation with consistent replication, storage-agnostic snapshots, and orchestration functionality
  • Launching of fully operational business applications on the target OpenStack distribution 
  • Instant business replication recovery – device booting directly from cloud-native snapshots, thereby enabling companies to minimize downtime
  • Consistent data deduplication and WAN optimization, achieved by proprietary technologies of client-side data and network traffic compression
  • Minimal Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) able to meet the highest security standards
  • Unlimited number of test migrations for fully managed and transparent ongoing cloud migration or disaster recovery projects
  • Conducting the final migration or cutover within a few minutes

The Result

Currently, the combined approach of Hystax and GlobalDots enables Aire Networks users to execute cloud migration projects fully-automatedly without any data loss and downtime and build an efficient disaster recovery strategy to safeguard their critical data.

To run ML/AI or any workload with optimal performance and infrastructure cost with OptScale – a FinOps and MLOps open source platformcontact us today.

About Hystax

Hystax was founded in 2016 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and engineers with a mission to address digital transformation challenges by introducing disaster recovery/backup, cloud migration solutions, and a FinOps & MLOps open source platform, which allows running ML/AI or any type of workload with optimal performance and infrastructure cost by profiling ML jobs, running automated experiments and analyzing cloud usage. Hystax is currently the solution for PwC, Ives Rocher, Nokia, DHL, Airbus, and more other iconic brands for cloud migration, disaster recovery/backup projects, and FinOps adoption.

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