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Fully-automated disaster recovery and cloud backup

Robust protection for your data and business-critical workloads
Select your disaster recovery scenario:

Hystax Disaster Recovery helps companies take charge of their IT Resilience and Business Continuity. Our solution allows you to replicate your data and mission-critical workloads to meet regulations and maintain full control of failover and backup infrastructure.

What are the main benefits of Hystax Disaster Recovery?

Total cost of ownership reduction

With Hystax Disaster Recovery, the need to acquire, configure, test, deploy, and maintain servers is eliminated. Plus, our backup software reduces data recovery time, keeping backup costs reasonable – ensuring high cost-effectiveness.

Fully-automated DR to any target platform

With Hystax, you get enterprise-grade disaster recovery for any private and public cloud platform. By using agentless, consistent background replication of all production workloads, Hystax provides you with high data availability and fully-automated orchestration functionality.

Low RPO and RTO values

The Hystax Disaster Recovery solution is fully-automated and replicates workloads from physical environments to cloud platforms. You benefit from best-in-class RPO and RTO values, even for cross-hypervisor DR scenarios.

Instant business application recovery

Without any disk preparations or data copying, Hystax Disaster Recovery boots devices directly from cloud-native snapshots, thereby enabling companies to minimize downtime. Powerful failback to production helps to return workloads back without any data loss, and in a planned maintenance window of mere minutes.

Sophisticated user and rights management

Our solution allows you to build your own disaster recovery with self-healing scenarios, using powerful software with RESTful API. With role-based access management and audit, you can manage user access policies and assign different roles to your company members and to various resources.

MSP-focused multi-tenancy partner portal

As a partner-centric company, Hystax offers a multi-tenant partner portal with white labeling capabilities. Hystax Acura provides DRaaS out of the box, can be smoothly integrated with partner billing systems, and is highly competitive from a cost perspective.

Take charge of your company’s IT resilience with award-winning disaster recovery software

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Disaster Recovery solutions to fit your needs

Disaster recovery to any public or private cloud

Hystax Acura is the only disaster recovery solution that supports any private or public cloud. It boasts significant cost reduction and minimal RPO and RTO when recovering to a DR site or failing back to production. 

Cross-cloud disaster recovery

Relying on a single cloud provider would not be enough to ensure high availability; so, in order to guarantee 100% uptime, you may want to deploy your workloads in multiple public clouds. Our solution comes to the rescue and immediately restores access to your data, even when one of the cloud providers fails.

Cloud backup

Our solution supports cloud backup scenarios with hot and cold storage and flexible long-term retention policies. This option ensures enterprise-grade business continuity, thanks to continuous data protection and the possibility to quickly restore it.

On-premise disaster recovery

Hystax Acura can provide on-premise disaster recovery capabilities across different regions, sites or availability zones. It will seamlessly replicate your data and business-critical workloads, keeping reasonable RTO and RPO values to maximize the reliability of on-premise DR.

Prepare for disaster recovery with Hystax in 5 simple steps


Deploy the replication agent


Configure replication and retention settings


Create a DR Plan and configure auto-testing


Run recovery flow when you have a disaster


Run a failback to restore your production site

Deploy replication agent

Choose your level of cloud integration

Background continuous replication

Start background replication of business applications, machines data, and metadata

Use pre-created disaster recovery or create a new one

DR plans are generated automatically based on replicated infrastructure

Run a failover in case of disaster
Immediately run a failover in case of any disaster
Restore all changes from DR site back to production

Easily restore all changes from DR site back to production workloads in minutes

Why is disaster recovery so important?

IT Disasters pose a great threat to any business that relies on IT infrastructure. Just one hour of outage might result in a loss amounting to a million dollars. Approximately 75% of disasters are caused by hardware failures or human error, but their negative impact can be minimized with the help of disaster recovery solutions.

What are some major disaster recovery challenges?

High costs

With conventional DR solutions, you should have your own servers and advanced network features to ensure low RPO and RTO. All this hardware, along with its maintenance and support, would cost a fortune. 

Meeting RPO

Basically, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) defines how much data a company can afford to lose in the case of a disaster. The larger the company is, the more sensitive it is to data loss, so a common 24-hour RPO timeframe is simply not enough.

Meeting RTO

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is a tolerable amount of time before a system fully recovers after a disruption. With wide-spread tape backup solutions, a company could be down up to two days before all applications are restored. 

Maintaining a DR plan

Most companies struggle with maintaining a disaster recovery plan – their data is constantly evolving, so that they can’t keep up with changes. The result is that their DRP becomes outdated, which could lead to failure in the recovery.