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Hystax Live Cloud Migration

Your versatile, safe, and seamless cloud migration solution
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Hystax provides SMBs and enterprises with unique any-to-any migration software, which helps them move to the cloud quickly and effortlessly. Hystax Acura Cloud Migration enables you to migrate all workload types automatically.

Why choose Hystax Live Cloud Migration?

All platforms supported

You’re free to choose which cloud platform to switch to – Hystax Acura supports them all. Live migration can be done from any source cloud platform or physical machine.


Hystax Acura automates the migration process, thus avoiding the need for manual steps. Migrate in just a couple of clicks by using predefined settings or by creating your own migration plans.

Reliable and fail-safe

An unlimited number of test migrations, fully managed migration process, orchestrated launch and predictable cutover make cloud migration a simple and straightforward process.


Our solution is fully isolated and runs only on the customer IT environment. This ensures that there are no dependencies on Hystax resources.

Quick and cost-efficient

Hystax Live Cloud Migration software enables you to cut down project timelines drastically, from months to weeks or even days, keeping the total costs of migration reasonable.

MSP-focused multi‑tenancy partner portal

Hystax Acura allows our partners to manage all customers’ cloud migration projects simultaneously and seamlessly with a single pane of glass.   

Top benefits of Hystax Live Cloud Migration

Provides companies with the only any-to-any cloud migration solution on the market that supports all cloud platforms, including: AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Alibaba Cloud, and Bare Metal

Consistently and seamlessly replicates all types of supported workloads – they
can be run on a target site as soon as full or incremental replicas are completed

The process of cloud migration is carried out in a fully-automated way

Customers can perform to do an unlimited number of test migrations to configure workload settings and to ensure that all migration requirements are met

Supports service, workload, and resource orchestration, which in turn speeds up the delivery of services, reduces costs and eliminates the possibility of human error

Cloud migration as a part of a FinOps adoption process – move your workloads to a better cloud

Project your cloud costs on other clouds and regions and easily migrate with Hystax

With Hystax it’s easier than ever before to migrate to the cloud!

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Migrate to a cloud with Hystax in a few easy steps


Start replication


Store data​


Automate orchestration


Spin up test migrations


Run final cutover

Start replication

Start background replication of business applications, machines data and metadata without any performance impact

Store data
Automate orchestration

Automated orchestration launches fully operational business applications on a target platform 

Spin up test migrations

Run an unlimited number of tests in an isolated VPC and execute a set of functional and performance tests without performance impact

Final migration or cutover

Perform final migration or cutover within a small and predictable maintenance window

What exactly is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is a process of moving digital business operations from on-premises or
legacy infrastructure to a cloud, or moving from one cloud to another. It involves migrating
your data, applications, and IT processes to data centers and requires a lot of preparatory work and resources. In most cases, cloud migration is worthwhile, as it results in cost savings and
higher agility, speed, and operational efficiency.

What are the most common migration challenges?

Cloud migration strategy planning

Before moving to a cloud, proper planning should be done. This includes choosing the right cloud provider, elaborating migration stages and cost analysis.

Cloud migration costs

With Hystax, you get fully-automated and cost-efficient software with an unlimited number of test migrations, which assists you to migrate quickly and effortlessly.

Cloud security issues

You benefit from a high level of security during the migration process. Replication traffic is directly transmitted from customers’ machines to a target site.