Cloud efficiency

Optimization based on cloud usage patterns, performance & price 


Award-winning disaster recovery with
best-in-class RPO and RTO values


Leading cloud migration from
any source to any target platform

AWS and MS Azure cost management & control

Optimization insights for CI/CD jobs, business units and apps

Cost projection &
cloud migration

Backup &
disaster recovery

Optimize costs, manage budgets and resources, get unique cloud efficiency insights

Hystax OptScale, a cloud efficiency advisor that analyzes cloud metrics, provides customer-focused insights based on cloud usage, data locality, cloud regions capacity, performance and price, delivers real-time optimization scenarios for regular workloads and CI/CD jobs.

Cloud Cost Optimization with Hystax OptScale

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Fully-automated live cloud migration

Migrate workloads to private or public clouds in real-time and without production stoppage. Get consistent replication from any source to any target platform.

Meet stringent recovery objectives

Achieve IT Resilience and Business Continuity with Hystax’s disruptive Disaster Recovery for both private and public clouds.

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Hystax Disaster Recovery to:

Any-to-any disaster recovery and cloud migration

Welcome to the future.
Hystax Acura provides disaster recovery and fully-automated, any-to-any cloud migration for private and public clouds, uniquely designed for partners to offer as-a-Service to their end-customers.

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Managed Service Providers & SI’s

Enhance your digital transformation projects with Hystax

Cloud Service Providers & Telcos

Offer Cloud Migration and DRaaS to your customers

SMB’s & Enterprise Companies

Build hybrid clouds. Migrate and protect your workloads

There’s a way, and there’s a better way

  • Fully-automated cloud migration and disaster recovery
  • All platforms supported, including bare metal
  • Flexible migration plans and orchestration
  • Unlimited number of test failovers, no disruptions
  • Best-in-class RPO and RTO values
  • AWS and MS Azure cost management & control

Hystax Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Products are available on cloud marketplaces

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Hystax Acura Live Cloud Migration to GCP

How Xertica migrated crucial workloads to Google Cloud Platform in just two weeks with Hystax

Public Cloud Usage Report

Great critical insights on hybrid cloud management trends, benchmarks, and best practices

Hystax OptScale Group Demo

Discover how to achieve full cloud transparency, get smart cost optimization scenarios and reduce cloud costs

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