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Live cloud migration to OpenStack

Migration to OpenStack and OpenStack-based platforms with a fully-automated solution
live cloud migration to openstack
If you are looking for cloud cost optimization/complete transparency to run ML/AI and any type of workload, try Hystax OptScale - a FinOps and MLOps open source solution

The disruptive OpenStack cloud migration solution

Benefit from the only solution for live cloud OpenStack migrations that supports all modern source platforms. Deploy the software with a few clicks and perform cloud migration to OpenStack.

Cloud migration to OpenStack

Step by step guide on upgrading Red Hat OpenStack

Migration from bare metal to any cloud

Migrate from bare metal & any cloud

The only solution to migrate even the most complex workloads from any source platform, including bare metal. A simple deployment of migrated infrastructure is guaranteed with zero dependency on a source platform.

No data loss and downtime during cloud migration and DR

No data loss and downtime

Hystax provides customers with enterprise-grade and reliable cloud migration. A fully-automated migration process, with external and internal live replication, prevents data loss and allows the execution of a final cutover without any production stoppage.

MSP-focused private deployments

MSP-focused multi-tenancy private deployments

We enable our partners to manage all their customers’ cloud migration projects simultaneously and easily in a single pane of glass.

Unlimited number of test migrations

An unlimited number of test migrations

Test migrations are the initial piece of a cloud migration strategy. Offering an unlimited number of test migrations to the target environment allows users to build confidence before a final cutover, and avoid downtime.

flexible pre-created migration plans

Flexible migration plans & orchestration

Automated orchestration, and predesigned cloud migration plans allow IT specialists to launch applications in a predefined order to ensure data integrity, avoid downtime and conserve resources.

Dashboard and reports for MSPs

MSP dashboard and reports

A sophisticated MSP dashboard allows you to perform various customers’ cloud migration projects in a unified interface, and generate reports for full process transparency.

Why companies use Hystax to migrate to OpenStack

We fully support OpenStack and all OpenStack distributions

Hystax Acura is fully isolated and adheres to enterprise security standards. The software is application and OS agnostic, agentless, fast, and ensures zero downtime during OpenStack migrations. We support all source platforms to ensure cloud migration is a seamless and smooth process.

We can help you build modern multi-cloud infrastructure based on the following platforms: AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, OpenNebula, VMware, KVM, etc.

Hystax Acura backup & disaster recovery and cloud migration

Migrate all applications to OpenStack

VMware to OpenStack

A simple way to take VMware deployment to any OpenStack based platform without performance impact or complexities arising from large-scale server migrations. Deploy VMware agents to do real-time syncs, create migration plans and make a new site your primary one, after running test migrations.

On-premise to OpenStack

Migrate workloads to OpenStack without rebuilding servers. Hystax provides cloud migration technology that enables you to migrate all machines to a cloud without reinstalling applications on a cloud instance. You benefit from enterprise-grade consistent replication from any source platform.

Between OpenStack distributions

Hystax supports all popular OpenStack distributions: Red Hat OpenStack, Ubuntu OpenStack, RackSpace Openstack, etc. Hystax Acura is a sustainable solution that enables companies to achieve zero downtime during the OpenStack migration process.

OpenStack Cloud Migration in 5 Easy Steps


Start replication


Store data​


Automate orchestration


Spin up test migrations


Run final cutover

Start replication

Start background replication of business applications, machine data and metadata with zero performance impact

Store data

All the data is stored in a cloud native format using volumes and snapshots of a target cloud

Automate orchestration

Automated orchestration launches fully operational business applications on target OpenStack

Spin up test migrations

Run an unlimited number of tests in an isolated VPC, run a set of functional and performance tests without performance impact

Final migration or cutover

Final migration or cutover within a small and predictable maintenance window

What’s New?

Hystax Acura: Cloud Migration Case Study

How Hystax has successfully helped to migrate between two OpenStack distributions

End-to-end Demo (OpenStack)

An overview of all stages of migration process, from download of replication agent to a final migration

Cloud Migration Strategy: Step by Step Guide

Best practices of secure and fast cloud migration from any source platform

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