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Case Study

How to perform a seamless cloud migration between different OpenStack distributions

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - executive summary

Executive Summary

Brontobyte Cloud and EasyDataHost recently partnered to execute a cloud migration project between two OpenStack distributions. The successful cloud migration of crucial workloads was implemented with the help of Hystax Acura, a fully-automated software designed for digital transformation projects.
Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - goal

The Goal

Brontobyte Cloud and EasyDataHost were tasked with migrating IT workloads within a strict deadline and without experiencing any downtime. They wanted to provide additional value to end customers by extending their portfolio with a simple, efficient live cloud migration and disaster recovery solution.

The Challenge​

Brontobyte Cloud and EasyDataHost needed a solution capable of simple management and easily customized since the source machines had custom drivers. Not all tools can cope with sophisticated software like OpenStack. Brontobyte Cloud was seeking an any-to-any solution to perform fully-automated migration to its cloud. Manual deployment was possible; however, migration without an automated solution would not be sustainable.

‘Hystax has provided us with the necessary knowledge and tools with its platform to migrate workloads in an easy, simple way, adding additional value to our Openstack. Great value, great support, definitely the perfect technology partner.’

Manuel Rios, CEO, EasyDataHost

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - solution

The Solution

Hystax offered a partner-centric fully-automated solution that allowed them to switch between different OpenStack distributions or from additional sources to OpenStack. Hystax Acura provided a simple way to deploy IT infrastructure to any OpenStack-based
platform without performance impact or complications, which may often arise from large-scale migrations or nonstandard projects. Hystax Acura performed the migration in four simple steps:

  1. It began live background replication of production workloads
  2. Launch of fully operational business applications on target OpenStack distribution
    with an automated orchestration
  3. Performing an unlimited number of test migrations before switching production
    to target OpenStack
  4. Conduct a final migration or cutover within a few minutes.

The Result

The entire migration process took less than 10 days starting from configuring the first  settings and ending with the final cutover. All the applications are now running on the target OpenStack, expertly architected, configured, embedded with security and managed
by a well-trained internal team that embraces best practices.

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About Brontobyte Cloud

Brontobyte Cloud has more than 25 years of experience working in the IT world, with deep expertise in the field of cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Brontobyte Cloud’s primary goal is to meet customers’ needs, whether it’s on-premises or cloud computing,
with a guarantee of uncompromised security on data, systems and networks.

About EasyDataHost

EasyDataHost is a well-recognized Spanish company offering cutting-edge technologies and services including cloud storage and cloud backup solutions. High-performance services allow
EasyDataHost’s customers to ensure IT resilience and business continuity and focus on the core business aims.

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