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Unlocking seamless cloud migration: exploring the critical benefits of Hystax Acura Cloud Migration

Hystax Acura cloud migration - benefits

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies constantly strive to stay ahead by leveraging the latest technologies and adapting to changing market demands. In all business operations, data is no doubt crucial.

One of the ways to modernize a company’s IT infrastructure, consolidate data from disparate systems, and facilitate seamless transitions to cloud-based platforms is cloud migration. Many companies are moving their data storage and compute to cloud platforms or opting for another cloud instead of the current one for agility, scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

For this purpose, choosing the right software product like Hystax Acura Cloud Migration that would help move to the cloud or transfer to another cloud-based platform quickly and effortlessly is crucial. This unique any-to-any migration solution enables you to migrate all workload types automatically and offers the following key benefits.

Hystax Acura Cloud Migration - benefits and options

Key benefits of Hystax Acura Cloud Migration

1. Availability of internal replication agents without hypervisor-level access at the source site.

This allows you to replicate machines from any virtualization environment, even if you don’t have access to hypervisors, as well as bare metal servers

2. Availability of external replication agents for VMware, OpenStack, and oVirt for hypervisor-level replication at the source site.

You can optimize replication agent deployment when you have access to the source site hypervisors

3. One-way replication capability (no external access to the source site).

This simplifies the deployment of the solution, as there is no need to provide network access from the Hystax Acura controller (from the target site) to the source site

4. Ability to replicate from VMware without installing agents on the source site is provided that hypervisor-level access is available.

This facilitates a more straightforward implementation of the solution in case the source and target sites are within the same network segment

5. Ability to migrate shutdown machines from the VMware platform.

The capability to fully capture the state of the machine before the move, as well as replication by an external agent when there is insufficient storage space at the source site

6. No dependence on the type of storage on the receiver side.

This provides a unified approach to writing data to the target site without the need to provide direct access to the repository

7. Support for migration to OpenStack with direct recording to Ceph.

This ensures that data is written directly to storage, bypassing the user-level network at the target site

8. Network traffic compression and deduplication during replication.

In this way, the volumes of replicated data are optimized, and thus, the time of data replication is reduced

9. Ability to replicate OpenStack infrastructure settings and recreate on the OpenStack receiver: tenants, subnets, flavors.

This option allows you to prepare the target site for the transfer of required resources to it

10. Single log repository for all the components of Hystax Acura.

This enables a detailed and centralized analysis of system performance and simplifies the operation process

11. Detailed monitoring of data read, data send, and write speeds to storage to identify bottlenecks in the replication process.

You can quickly identify replication bottlenecks

12. No need for the preliminary creation of VMs on the target site.

Simplifying the process of use, reducing the probability of human error

13. No need to install drivers/add-on packages on the target VMs.

This reduces the time to prepare to start machines on the target side when changing hypervisors

14. Ability to migrate Windows machines

15. Ability to migrate VMs with UEFI boot loader to OpenStack KVM.

This option enables VMs with UEFI boot loader to run on hypervisors that do not support it

16. Data consistency level: Windows – at least application-consistent, Linux – at least crash-consistent

Given these benefits, cloud migration is pivotal for businesses seeking operational efficiency, cost savings, scalability, and innovation, whether transitioning from traditional bare metal infrastructures to cloud environments or moving between cloud platforms. Through careful planning and execution, companies can navigate the complexities of cloud migration to secure a scalable, resilient, and future-ready digital infrastructure. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance to perform cloud migration.

Elevate your business to new heights with Hystax Acura Cloud Migration software! Unlock seamless and secure transitions and supercharge your operations.

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