Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'
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Improved R&D efficiency with predictable infrastructure and product delivery cost

Where Test Environment Management and FinOps meet. Book, coordinate and orchestrate pre-production environments and engage engineers in cloud cost savings

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Increase visibility of environments, their lifecycle and costs
Environment planning and booking
Environment access management
Environment access management
Software version tracking
Environment performance monitoring
Proper R&D cost allocation and cost of delivery forecast


OptScale quickly plugs in any tool chain, due to the support of Jira, Jenkins, Slack, GitLab and GitHub.

Assign environments to any task using Jira. Сreate a simple schedule, plan and book environment within your R&D teams to avoid conflicts via Slack.

Receive real-time notifications about
environment availability, expired TTLs or cloud budget exceeds in a familiar interface. Export or update environment and deployment information from your Jenkins pipelines.

Environment access management

Access management for your environment

OptScale significantly improves security of internal workloads by establishing a simple flow of granting and revoking access to resources. It invokes a job, script or hook which are a black box for OptScale and controlled by your security team.

This technology helps to get rid of standard insecure credentials for all environments.

Environment planning and booking

Get rid of spreadsheets, chats and complicated tools to identify R&D and test environments availability. Any distributed team can easily book clusters, VMs or any other resource usage, and avoid all the complexities of test environment utilization.

Track resource usage, discover a simple
way to acquire and release resources, organize simultaneous shared access with OptScale. 

OptScale is available on cloud marketplaces

Alibaba Cloud marketplace

Increase visibility of environments, their lifecycle and costs

Improve R&D and test environment management. Get deep insights into actual resource usage are available via a single OptScale dashboard.

Be aware of any VM utilization, manage R&D and test environments, monitor resource consumption, identify underutilized resources, optimize spends with AI recommendations and accurate forecasts. Create, activate, archive or set TTLs to any environment.

Software version tracking

R&D teams might have dozens or even hundreds of environments with software versions. OptScale provides full visibility into the history of all stages of the R&D process on a single dashboard.

Tracking of all software package versions across all environments, keeping release notes and 1-click
access to historical deployment data help the team to debug the code and improve the efficiency of test environment management.

Proper R&D cost allocation and cost of delivery forecast

OptScale delivers an opportunity to create a budget for a specific project, feature, epic, milestone and all steps of an R&D process.

A cost allocation was designed to help R&D teams keep a budget under control, react quickly due to live alerts and notifications, serve audit purposes and forecast the cost of delivery in a straightforward way.

Environment performance monitoring

This feature helps identify underutilized or overloaded VMs to start the optimization process and enhance performance.

Monitor all the VMs, configuration details and components used in a test environment group with OptScale. Our solution provides R&D teams with quick access to multicloud key performance metrics like CPU loading, in/out network traffic, RAM and disk operations on a single dashboard.

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