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OptScale — FinOps
FinOps overview
Cost optimization:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
OptScale — MLOps
ML/AI Profiling
ML/AI Optimization
Big Data Profiling
Acura — Cloud migration
Database replatforming
Migration to:
MS Azure
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Migration from:
Acura — DR & cloud backup
Migration to:
MS Azure
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Case Study

How one of the biggest global shipping companies cut its cloud bill up to 28% immediately

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - executive summary

Executive Summary

Currently non-tech companies are getting more and more
involved in cloud computing technologies. Leveraging Microsoft
Azure platform for 300+ virtual machines, a world’s top shipping
company was spending over $80K monthly on a cloud
environment. Hystax OptScale helped the company reduce cloud
spending by 28% in two weeks after login and accelerate the adoption of FinOps principles. Hystax delivered a deeper understanding of the company’s cloud usage, leading to a significant cost optimization.

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - goal

The Goal

The goal is to provide an R&D department with full transparency
over cloud usage and clean-up resources in time to prevent cloud
budget wastage, set budgets and allocate cloud spending across
teams and projects.

The Challenge

Trying to set up a cost-efficient MS Azure environment the team
faced the following challenges:

  • Incomprehensible cloud resource ownership. Complex MS Azure bills structure makes it a challenge to identify the sources of cloud costs and wastage.
  • Underutilised and idle resources leading to monthly overspends. Without proper tagging and smart TTL rules it is almost impossible to get full control over cloud resources lifecycle and costs.
Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - solution

The Solution

Hystax OptScale is a SaaS solution that helped the company
to enable FinOps adoption in order to get full transparency
and cost savings addressing the most common challenges
with the following features:

  • TTL and cost constraints setting, flexible thresholds and reports
    Real-time budget exceeds alerts, resource tagging and custom automatic assignment rules provide the R&D department with an opportunity to take their cloud bill under full control. The company managed to forecast and detect overspending issues before they even occur.
  • Cloud health monitor & availability zone score
    Hystax OptScale analyzed the company’s cloud patterns with constant monitoring of price, performance, availability and capacity and identified the most relevant regions to use. OptScale generated an internal AZ score and recommended resource relocation and assisted with resource provisioning. 
  • Simple cloud cost analytics and explorer
    Intuitive cost explorer made cloud management and budget control a straightforward process, enabling the company to monitor cloud spend and achieve full cloud costs transparency across all cloud resources.

The Result

Hystax OptScale identified all unnecessary data transfer between various MS Azure regions and suggested the best location in terms of price, capacity and availability to optimize data locality and cut costs. Smart TTL constraint helped to take under control resources lifecycle and set proper and cost-efficient resource management. The process of defining a resource owner has become as simple as never before. All the FinOps practices implemented into the cloud optimization process saved up to 28% of the company’s monthly MS Azure bill.

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