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Case Study

How Xertica migrated crucial workloads to Google Cloud Platform in just two weeks with Hystax

Executive Summary

Xertica is an IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization that enables digital transformation of leading organizations in Latin America through cloud-based solutions. Xertica aims to create a resilient and adaptable infrastructure to support the company’s transformation. By partnering with Hystax, Xertica was able to build an effective, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure for its customers and to stay on top of cloud computing trends.

The Goal

Xertica was tasked with migrating workloads for its customer, Government of Colombia, from a private cloud to one of the most widely-used and rapidly developing public clouds – Google Cloud Platform.

The Challenge​

Xertica faced a hard deadline to migrate VMs, ranging in size from 434.64 GB to 3.19 TB, from a legacy platform to an open, scalable, and resilient IT infrastructure. They needed to accomplish this with more compute capacity, and lower cost of ownership, in order to
avoid continuous downtime. Furthermore, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was unable to provide a cloud-native solution to perform such projects automatically.

After testing various 3rd party tools, Xertica selected Hystax due to the fact that it enables migrating with fully-automated software, and has proven to do so with 100% data integrity and zero downtime.

The Solution

After performing a significant number of test migrations, it was evident that the project would be completed securely and without any data loss. Hystax’s software is OS and platform agnostic, so it enabled the implementation of the cloud migration project, while accounting for the complexity of legacy infrastructure without
experiencing any limitations.

The Result

Hystax migrated VMs from the private cloud and automatically spinned them up on the target – Google Cloud platform. The project was finished in 2 weeks without any negative performance impact. The migration of the machines’ metadata and network settings made the whole process even smoother. Hystax and Xertica partnered up to deliver the most advanced cloud migration and disaster recovery solution, by enhancing business agility, supporting growth, and meeting the ever-changing requirements of the cloud computing era.

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About Xertica

Xertica, a Latin American company, empowers CPG, retails and financial companies with cloud-based knowledge and technology, to help them continuously optimize business processes via agile methodologies, with a customer-centric and data-driven approach.

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