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Case Study

How one of the leading cloud software vendors achieved full cloud transparency and optimized their cloud expenses with Hystax OptScale

Executive Summary

As a leading cloud software vendor with thousands of customers, 10K+ employees and complex cloud infrastructure with $4mln + AWS annual cloud bill, the company faced significant cloud wastage. Hystax helped management of the company adopt FinOps processes and reduce cloud spending by 35% with company engineers being responsible for their cloud spending. Hystax accelerated an establishing of the right cloud usage as a key to a successful cost optimization.

The Goal

The cloud vendor is aimed to empower the effectiveness of using AWS cloud accounts by building a culture that encourages cloud transparency, visibility into cloud costs and brings responsibility principles to every member of an IT team.

The Challenge

Implementing R&D projects on a daily basis, team leads and developers faced the following challenges:

  • Unused and idle resources are included in a company’s cloud bill. Tens of thousands of volumes and snapshots are deployed in the cloud. On an average, the cost of these cloud resources is about 5$ per month, but even a minor percentage of forgotten and unutilized resources can significantly increase a cloud bill.
  • Limited transparency thought hundreds of CI/CD jobs. Every team spins up in the cloud a great number of resources, clusters components based on metal instances daily. But it’s also easy to forget about those resources being created. The lack of visibility precludes stakeholders staying on track and taking all cloud resources under control.  
  • The sources of cloud costs are difficult to identify and allocate. A scarcity of cost-conscious cloud principles and policies around cost ownership makes it difficult to take necessary steps to eliminate the waste.

The Solution

Cloud costs are strongly coupled with usage and most actions of an IT team affect a cloud bill. Hystax OptScale helped to establish a process of improving cloud usage experience and provided full cloud transparency for IT teams.

  • With OptScale team leads and developers shared the ownership and responsibility for cloud resources. Flexible TTL rules and budget constraints enable every team member to prevent unused cloud resources and reduce a cloud bill. With the right rules in place, companies can troubleshoot overspending issues before they ever occur.
  • OptScale assisted to identify and turn off the unused resources. A custom dashboard allows to detect and clean up all unutilized resources regularly.
  • Hystax OptScale provided team leads with a capability to allocate budgets to specific teams or projects to simplify budget tracking and spending analysis.

The Result

Hystax helped the cloud software vendor to accelerate cloud optimization and identify saving opportunities by implementing principles of cloud transparency where every member of a team welcomes responsibility for cloud resources and finance issues. The immediate cloud cost savings amounted to 35% of a cloud bill, however, continually driving cloud usage best practices and FinOps enablement will help to achieve better cost optimization results. 

To optimize cloud costs and enhance IT infrastructure transparency with OptScale – a FinOps and multi-cloud cost management solutioncontact us today.

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