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Case Study

Liberty Center One fuels ongoing success by using Hystax Acura for seamless cloud migration and disaster recovery

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - executive summary

Executive Summary

As a cloud service provider with several cloud environments, Liberty Center One faced a lot of challenges because of a complicated management process for customers’ projects, numerous updates of a variety of cloud platforms and comprehensive IT infrastructures. After partnering with Hystax, Liberty Center One created a meaningful change in their approach to cloud migration and disaster recovery and brought exceptional services to more customers. Hystax’s software helped to reduce migration projects timelines from days or weeks to a few hours and enabled cloud upgrade by providing internal migrations.

Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - goal

The Goal

Liberty Center One was aimed to fasten an onboarding process for new SMB and enterprise customers into their clouds and find a solid and cost-efficient disaster recovery solution. Offering several platforms, like VMware and OpenStack, Liberty Center One also needed a solution to perform internal cloud migration projects (from VMware to OpenStack, and between different OpenStack versions after regular updates). Meeting all these requirements in one user-friendly interface was a desired solution.

The Challenge

Implementing cloud transformation projects on daily basis, Liberty Center One faced the following challenges:

  1. A confusing OpenStack ecosystem in general and some recent updates are a challenge for the majority of cloud migration specialists. Not all migration solutions can simply cope with such a sophisticated, complex and changing platform as OpenStack.
  2. A large number of projects running in parallel demands a simple solution to finish all migrations on time and speed up an onboarding process.
  3. A time-сonsuming process of internal migrations from VMware to OpenStack in order to minimize expenses.
  4. Performing an upgrade of own environment from one version to another takes a great deal of effort
Hystax, Aire Networks, GlobalDots - solution

The Solution

Liberty Center One tested a wide variety of migration and DR solutions but none of them could meet all the requirements, except Hystax Acura.

Being 100% partner-centric, Hystax is the only vendor who offers its partners a fully multi-tenant and white-label capable customer portal with billing to provide their customers with DRaaS and migration – aaS out of the box. With an ability to manage an unlimited number of projects simultaneously, Hystax Acura has become a single pane of glass for Liberty Center One.

It is a fully-automated and reliable way to lift-and-shift all types of workloads without experiencing downtime or complications arising during digital transformation projects.

Hystax provides its partners with an ability to:

  • Speed up an onboarding process for end customers with a one step integration and a simple synchronization with current management systems
  • Multi-tenant rebrandable user interface to migrate or protect hundreds of customers with a single deployment
  • Perform any-to-any live cloud migration in a fully-automated way
  • Guarantee best-in-class RPO and RTO values with the award-winning disaster recovery solution

The Result

Liberty Center One uses Hystax Acura in its cloud migration and disaster recovery projects. As a CSP who provides several cloud environments to enterprise customers – VMware and OpenStack – they use Hystax Acura in both ways:

  • Onboarding new enterprise customers from on-premise or another cloud into their cloud
  • Implementation of internal migration use cases – moving existing cloud customers to other internal environments

Moving existing customers from Liberty Center One VMware cloud to their OpenStack cloud internally makes them save huge amounts of money because of not having to pay anymore for VMware licences.

Liberty Center One performs 100 migrations per month, and the amount of machines protected with DR and the number of migration cases is gaining momentum and growing month by month.

To run ML/AI or any workload with optimal performance and infrastructure cost with OptScale – a FinOps and MLOps open source platformcontact us today.

About Liberty Center One

Liberty Center One specializes in delivering high availability environments and data protection solutions serving customers via three hardened data centers in Detroit, Cincinnati and Dallas. They focus on providing solutions centered on public cloud, private cloud and colocation services. Liberty is a trusted resource of customers of all sizes in a variety of industries including banking, manufacturing, logistics, software development, telecommunications, marketing, franchising, real estate, and professional services.

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