Test Environment Management to simplify shared IT resource usage

Track IT resource usage, discover a simple way to acquire and release resources, and organize simultaneous shared access

Recognized by Forrester as a leading cloud cost management solution

test environment management for shared IT resource usage
book IT resources

Book IT resources

Track workload usage history

Simple acquire and
release mechanism

flexible permissions

Flexible permissions

Simultaneous workload usage

test environment management for distributed teams

Ideal for distributed teams

Integration with Slack and Google Calendar

expiration policies

Cluster acquisition expiration policies

Book IT resources

Track resource usage in real-time to avoid any inconvenience for remote and distributed R&D teams. OptScale helps set up enhanced collaboration as one of the main FinOps principles which aim to engage engineering teams in cost-saving processes.

Create an easy-to-use schedule for every team member to be aware of the cluster utilization and availability.

book IT resources with OptScale

Track workload usage history

Save the usage history of Kubernetes and VMs clusters, or individual VMs. Track users, releases, time of use, availability or downtime to identify overspends reasons or any other anomalies. Get full transparency to help address issues of resource sharing and collaboration among engineering teams, and share ownership of workloads and IT budgets.

Get rid of insecure standard passwords and irrevocable access to your internal IT workloads

Simple acquire/release mechanism

Full integration with Slack provides a flexible opportunity to acquire or release clusters, VMs or any other resources with a simple command. Notify team members about real-time shared cluster usage that helps enhance cloud cost optimization and FinOps adoption.


Flexible permissions

Control user access to each Kubernetes or VM cluster by assigning clusters to team members. Streamline collaborative usage of shared resources via the assigning of individual rules.

Simultaneous workload usage

Test Environment Management with OptScale offers the opportunity for cooperative and simultaneous resource usage in cases in which there are sufficient сluster resources or VM performance. Set up the most effective resource allocation in order to attain maximum efficiency.

simultaneous workload usage with OptScale
ideal OptScale for distributed teams

Ideal for distributed teams

Test Environment Management eases communication and regularizes a workflow for remote team members. With scheduled workload usage, assigning rules, and instant notifications, each team member is aware of the availability of every cluster, in real time despite the time zone differences.

Create efficient Test Environment Management with OptScale

Integration with Slack and Google Calendar

Quick integration with widely used applications like Slack and Google Calendar enhances R&D teamwork, enables proper planning, acquiring, and booking IT environments, and sets up the right Test Environment Management strategy. Smooth scheduling of cluster utilization in the well-known interface, and elimination of all complexities in sharing workloads, improves shared IT resource usage.

OptScale integration with Slack and Google Calendar
cluster acquisition expiration policies with OptScale

Cluster acquisition expiration policies

Team members can acquire clusters based on individual schedules, for hours or even up to several days or weeks. Expiration policies increase the visibility of cluster usage and enable other team members to plan workload acquisition or release in advance.

Supported platforms:

google cloud platform
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