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Simple access management for IT environments that your security team will thank you for

Say goodbye to standard passwords and irrevocable access to internal workloads

Recognized by Forrester as a leading cloud cost management solution

Environment access management

OptScale controls user permissions to internal workloads and grants and revokes temporary access to any IT environment by invoking a job, script, or hook, which is a ‘black box’ for OptScale and controlled by your own IT security team. The solution doesn’t store or manage any secrets and is completely invulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Get rid of the same credentials for all the environments

Eliminate having the same credentials for all IT environments


Enjoy a simple flow to grant and revoke access


Enable your security team to control how access is granted

Improved security for internal workloads

Get full audit logs of user sessions

Traditional environment access management flow

Traditional environment access flow without OptScale

Environment access management flow with OptScale


How access management with OptScale works

Eliminate the usage of the same credentials for all IT environments

It is quite common for all engineers to use the same credentials for all internal tests or development environments. This clearly doesn’t meet security best practices. OptScale provides companies with a workflow to conveniently and securely manage engineers’ temporary access to IT workloads.

Get rid of the same credentials for all environments
Simple flow to grant and revoke access

Simple flow to grant and revoke access, entirely controlled by your security team

Engineers enjoy a simple process of obtaining temporary access, which is revoked when IT environments are no longer needed. OptScale builds a secure mechanism for proxying access requests without accessing data about your company’s security architecture and practices.

Grant and revoke access in one click, full audit log

Your security team owns how access is granted

OptScale allows you to acquire or book IT environments and proxies ‘grant’ and ‘revoke’ access requests from your engineers’. Scripts used for access management are fully owned by your IT security team and are a ‘black box’ for the product. Script samples are available for quick setup.


Comprehensive user session audit logs

Comprehensive audit logs help to keep the transparency of IT environment usage and contain all the necessary information, such as; session details, (who and when they used the IT environment), technical job call details like request parameters, and script response.

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