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Get rid of insecure standard passwords and irrevocable access to your internal IT workloads

Environment access management

OptScale builds a simple flow of IT environment access management without getting access to the internal mechanisms of how you store and manage secrets and keys. OptScale manages access to environments and invokes a job/script/hook to grant access when your engineers need it and revoke when the workloads are released.

It will take your IT security folks just a few hours to set up a secure environment access management for all your internal workloads.

Environment access flow with OptScale


How Access Management is organized with OptScale

Step 1

List your environments

Add your environments or mark existing resources as environments. Set necessary properties and configure booking properties – what job or script to invoke on granting and revoking access.


Step 2

Invite your engineers and assign roles

Invite your users to the organization and add an ‘Engineer’ role to them so they can see and book environments. Note that they should be ‘Engineers’ in the entire organization or in a pool where the environment is in order to view its properties and book it.

Step 3

Users book and acquire environments

Users can acquire environments and book them for future use. When booking starts, OptScale calls for a job or a script configured to grant access. You can set a public key as a mandatory field for booking if it is used to access environments.

Users book environments
Access management - jobs and scripts

Step 4

Access management jobs or scripts

Create jobs to grant and revoke access. It can be a script that puts a pub key on a machine and removes it when the booking ends or just resets the password so it is not available when the environment is released. Hystax provides open-source samples of such jobs.

Step 5

Release environment and revoke access. Review audit logs

When a booking expires or a user releases an environment, OptScale executes the ‘release’ job or script to revoke access to the environment. An environment manager can download and review environment access audit logs with all the history of bookings and job/script calls.

Release environment and revoke access

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