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IT asset management

Application and IT asset inventory for public cloud resources

IT asset management process

OptScale offers businesses a straightforward approach to each IT asset within the company. That involves data centers, software, networks, employee or user workstations, and other business technology. The main goals of ITAM are to consolidate your usage and inventory data to seamlessly track and manage IT investments.

Application inventory

Modernizing and automating IT

Cloud usage analytics 

Inventory management

Asset lifecycle management

Application inventory

Hystax OptScale makes tracking the IT assets and automating their lifecycle in your business easier. A cost map will assist you with monitoring all your resources existing in multiple locations. There is an option to auto-assign and set limits to your resources. With an application inventory, you can also list and track other assets, so you get an automatically updated list in one place.


Modernizing and automating

Hystax OptScale enables IT Asset Management to be managed where you plan, service, and operate IT. The solution makes it simpler to manage technology budgets, user data, analytics reports, and any relevant information about the company’s IT assets. Hystax OptScale helps to automate asset workflow quickly and accurately.

Cloud usage analytics 

Hystax OptScale provides a new approach to cloud usage analytics and optimization. The solution introduces budget types and best practices of organizing the budgets. Hystax OptScale helps companies save their current spending focused on cloud performance, cost and capacity.


Get simple and smart approach to IT Inventory


Inventory management

Hystax OptScale gives full transparency to all your resources, helps to take inventory, and allocates the resources under different categories, applications, business units, or users on your demand. Hystax OptScale improves planning and forecasting all the actions with the provided resources. It also ensures operational continuity with full visibility into the IT assets in stock.

Asset lifecycle management

Hystax OptScale allows businesses to increase organizational efficiency by helping them make informed decisions on IT needs and services in a better way. You will get a timeline of all events at a glance in your web-based help desk solution. There is also the ability to be aware of the total cost of ownership of an asset every time.


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