Whitepaper 'FinOps and cost management for Kubernetes'
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Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'
OptScale — FinOps
FinOps overview
Cost optimization:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
OptScale — MLOps
ML/AI Profiling
ML/AI Optimization
Big Data Profiling
Acura — Cloud migration
Database replatforming
Migration to:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Public Cloud
Migration from:
Acura — DR & cloud backup
Migration to:
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud

Get full visibility and huge cost savings by FinOps adoption

Hystax OptScale identifies patterns in your cloud usage and provides real-time optimization insights based on your footprint and live cloud health monitor data
How OptScale works

Cloud health monitor 

cloud cost management

Cost optimization & management

FinOps adoption 

In-house free cloud migration

Disaster recovery for 100% uptime

FinOps adoption vs cloud cost management

Hystax OptScale increases FinOps adoption by engaging engineering teams in management processes and cloud cost savings. Our solution provides unique capabilities of analyzing your cloud usage patterns, cloud health and availability zone score. With an in-house cloud migration solution it gives you an ample opportunity of optimizing your current spending and saving on new resources by getting provisioning recommendations that just work.

FinOps and cloud optimization for Kubernetes and other workloads

FinOps & cost optimization for AWS, MS Azure, Alibaba, GCP and Kubernetes workloads

OptScale guarantees full control over cloud expenses, helps manage and optimize Kubernetes clusters and traditional workloads costs.

Manage cluster capacity efficiently to prevent budget overruns and cut costs up to 35%. Get real-time resource detection and map out your cloud costs to a specific business unit, team or project within your organization to achieve full cloud cost transparency.

Cloud health monitor &
availability zone score

Hystax OptScale analyzes your cloud footprint and identifies the most relevant cloud and regions and constantly monitors their price, performance, availability and capacity. OptScale generates an internal AZ score and recommends resource relocation and assists with resource provisioning.

Call OptScale API before every CI/CD job to get the best configuration for your job resources based on price, performance and spot instance availability.

cloud health monitor and FinOps adoption

Multi-cloud cost management and control

Hystax OptScale supports AWS, MS Azure, Alibaba and all Kubernetes clusters and enables you to map out your business units, applications, CI/CD jobs and individual engineers across all cloud resources. 

Set TTL rules, budget constraints and resource auto-assignment rules so no extra penny would sneak your attention and is wasted.

Improved CI/CD job resource provisioning

OptScale analyzes the best cloud, region and availability zone for price, performance, capacity and an internal AZ score and gives you the best configuration for your next job run. 

OptScale API takes your CI/CD job desired configuration as a parameter and returns a runbook with instance types, regions and availability zones returned by cloud efficiency advisor mechanism as the best configuration for your case.

Set custom cloud budgets with Hystax OptScale

The platform constantly analyzes your cloud usage and advises how you can get better performance with less cost.

Forecasted expenses for cloud cost optimization

Simple cloud cost analytics and explorer

Intuitive cost explorer makes cloud management and budget control easier than ever, enabling companies to monitor cloud spend and achieve full cloud costs transparency across all cloud resources.

Cloud cost optimization and security compliance checks

Cloud cost optimization insights of AWS, MS Azure, Alibaba and all Kubernetes clusters include background optimization scenarios, unused & untagged resources detection, weekly resource ownership reports. 

Hystax OptScale constantly analyzes your cloud on security vulnerabilities and instantly notifies you about risks.

Flexible alerts for cloud cost optimization
Cost projection before cloud migration

No cloud vendor lock-in anymore. OptScale is your public cloud enabler

More than 600 customers successfully enabled a cloud journey with Hystax Cloud Migration. Use OptScale to migrate to a public cloud or identify possible cloud cost savings and performance advantages in another cloud or region and seamlessly migrate.

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Realize your company’s FinOps adoption

A full description of Hystax OptScale as a FinOps enablement platform – product features, benefits and functionality

From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies

This ebook will cover the implementation of basic FinOps principles to shed light on alternative ways of conducting cloud cost optimization

Hystax OptScale
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Engage your engineering team in FinOps and cloud cost saving in order to build an effective cloud usage experience and optimize spending