Whitepaper 'FinOps and cost management for Kubernetes'
OptScale is fully available as an open source solution under Apache 2.0 on GitHub
Ebook 'From FinOps to proven cloud cost management & optimization strategies'

Award-winning disaster recovery with best-in-class RPO and RTO values

Restore access to business applications at a click of a button without any data loss

Protect your data with fully-automated disaster recovery software

Based on deep expertise in the field Hystax assists companies to build robust protection for their data, business applications and critical workloads with fully-automated disaster recovery software. The solution is designed to keep applications running during the outage, restore mission-critical data with enterprise-grade RPO and RTO values.

AWS and MS Azure
disaster recovery

Low best-in-class RPO and RTO values

Instant business application recovery

Cross-cloud disaster recovery scenarios

OptScale is available on cloud marketplaces

Alibaba Cloud marketplace

Disaster recovery on AWS and MS Azure cloud platforms

Hystax enables companies to build robust DR on AWS and MS Azure cloud platforms and gives full control on failover and backup infrastructure. Hystax helps to reduce the cost of disaster recovery infrastructure by replicating workloads into a cost-efficient cloud platform or a region within one cloud. 


Low RPO and RTO values

Minimal best-in-class RPO and RTO values enable companies to restore most recent data quickly, it takes seconds and minutes, not hours and days. RPO and RTO values are key performance indicators that help to avoid or minimize downtime and achieve business continuity.

Minimize downtime and reduce DR costs with fully-automated and cost-efficient disaster recovery software

Instant business application recovery

Continuous background replication of all production workloads and application consistency are guaranteed with Hystax Disaster Recovery. Powerful failback to production returns back workloads without any data loss a with planned RTO value. Hystax supports block-level replication between clouds, regions or availability zones.


Cross-cloud disaster recovery scenarios

Relying on a single cloud platform would not be enough to ensure IT resilience and business continuity of the company. Hystax’s cross-cloud disaster recovery provides the most reliable protection for mission-critical data at a single click, even when one of your cloud providers fails.

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