Hystax OptScale Group Demo

Cloud efficiency advisor to optimize your cloud usage

Learn more about the first cloud efficiency advisor to analyze cloud metrics and cloud usage and get real-time optimization insights for regular workloads and CI/CD jobs.

Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax, will tell you about recent Hystax OptScale updates to simplify a cloud management process:

  • Cloud health monitor – a personalized rating of cloud regions based on your cloud consumption, price and regions performance
  • Free API to get optimal R&D workloads performance and cost
  • Enhanced cost-saving recommendations to download in a cleanup scripts format
Tuesday, February 2
10 am PST
Nick Smirnov, CEO and Co-Founder

Key speaker, Nick Smirnov,
CEO at Hystax

During our 45-min Hystax OptScale group demo, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cloud efficiency, smart organization of cloud resources, advanced cloud cost management and cost optimization.

We will also schedule some time for a Q&A to ensure we answer all of your questions

Looking forward to e-meeting you there!

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